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Hail to the Chief with Tom Watson: President Abraham Lincoln Part 1

Tom Watson is here at Blue Water Healthy Living for the next segment of his show, Hail to the Chief.

There is so much to say about President Abraham Lincoln that Tom Watson had to break it into two parts.  In part one, find out how and where Lincoln lived and how an 11-year-old girl changed Lincoln’s life when she wrote a letter to him.  Lincoln was so grateful to this young lady that the President went out of his way during his travels to personally thank her.

What is Hail to the Chief you may ask? Well, Hail to Chief is a show that will follow Tom’s story of traveling all over the US to visit locations of importance for all 46 United States Presidents. Always along for the ride with him is his bobblehead of Thomas Jefferson, and with that Tom gives the perspective of his travels through the eyes of this famous founding father. This can be seen in full display on his blog, “Through the Eyes of Jefferson”.

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Stay tuned for future episodes of Hail to the Chief as Tom will go through our Presidents one at a time to share his stories of the places he has visited, photos he captured, and all the interesting things he learned along the way. (Don’t worry, Jefferson will be there too).

Check out the rest of Tom Watson’s Hail to the Chief series here!

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