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Young Living with Calli: Author Tami McCandlish

By Calli Newberry

Young Living with Calli is a segment featuring popular BWHL writer Calli Newberry. In this series, she highlights individuals and unique stories in the community.

In today’s episode, Calli caught up with author and motivational speaker Tami McCandlish. Bullied as a kid, Tami speaks about how this experience has shaped her – though it no longer controls her. She has a book coming out (that you can learn more about here), and she even offers a free resource called “Seven Steps to Healing After You’re Bullied“.

To learn more about Tami, or find more inspirational advice and motivation for a happy, healthy soul, you can visit Tami’s website here!

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Enjoy the show, and stay tuned to Blue Water Healthy Living for future episodes of Young Living with Calli!

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