The Popcorn Men

By Derek Smith

Sarnia and Port Huron were fortunate to have street vendors selling delicious popcorn back in the 1920’s  and in several decades to follow 

The Sarnia photo is of “Popcorn Pete,” Pete Lamrose, who parked his vendor cart at the Corner of Locheil and Christina Street for almost 40 years.
He was well known by the “downtown crowd.”  His cart was a busy place, even on the coldest days, to the many visitors to the Sarnia shopping scene.
I remember the wonderful smell of the buttered popcorn and the roasting chestnuts, tempting me to spend the little change I had in my pocket on those warm treats.
Pete had a welcoming manner and sometimes some interesting gossip that he served for no charge.
I do not know when his last day on that corner was, but I am sure it was a sad day for him. and his customers.

This next photo is of George Day Sr. with his popcorn cart in downtown Port Huron.
The sign on the cart’s base also indicates he is selling salted peanuts.
The boy looking on is Eddie Smith.
Mr. Day is well-dressed in a three-piece suite and looks intent on his vocation.
He is shielding himself from what looks to be a hot, sunny day with an umbrella furnished by
Foster Bros. Shoes.
Foster Bros Shoes was located on the s.e. corner of Military and Water Street.

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