Do We Bloom Where We Are Planted?

By Marion Webber

Originally published May 16, 2017

We live in a broken world.  Chaos going on everywhere.  But did you ever wonder why you were born in this time and in this place?  So many circumstances surround each one of our lives.  Who our parents are, our family background, our nationality, our race.  Lately I saw a story on the famine in Ethiopia and I wondered, “why was I blessed to be living in St. Clair working in Port Huron?  A safe place to live and work. All the food I want is basically at my fingertips.” Then I see people starving?  How can we justify this situation?  How can we help?  Can we help?


Truth is we can’t solve all these problems.  I can’t imagine me holding my children in my arms and watching them die of starvation.  I know a priest who goes to Africa once a year and helps build schools and other things which are so desperately needed there. The parish donates money for the cause and it gets to the particular place by hand.  People are more apt to donate if they know it will reach the final destination.  Money sent to these people doesn’t always get there. It’s a tough situation.  Even in this country people are hungry.  At least we have the benefit of the Bridge Card and wonderful organizations like United Way, St. Vincent de Paul and many other groups to help with clothing and food.

But…this is where we are planted.  In this beautiful Port Huron area, with the beautiful river, safe streets, good food and entertainment. How do we “bloom where we are planted?”  Look around. How many “volunteer wanted” signs do we see?  In the missionary center where I work, we are so limited because of the lack of volunteers.  If people could give only 2 hours a day once a month we could double the people we visit.  What a difference it would make in our community!

Maybe missionary work is not for you!  No problem!  There is a whole world out there.  This time of year it is time to beautify our surroundings.  What are the goals on your heart to make your community more beautiful?  It may be planting trees in our area. Maybe you can’t donate time but could sponsor a tree to be planted.  How many trees are constantly cut down and no replacements planted? The Port Huron Beautification Commission Tree Celebration Program has a program where you donate money for a tree in memory or recognition of someone.  The tree is planted on city property and you are told when they will plant it so you can be there as well!  What a beautiful program!

The garden clubs will be planting flowers soon to beautify the parks.  Why not join them?  Another set of hands are always welcome. Especially men!  There is always a need for men!  Some of the work is heavy and the club could really use help.  Don’t you love to drive down through town and see all the beautiful flower bed plantings in the summer!  It adds so much to the city parks and the whole atmosphere here in Port Huron or any area you live.  You may meet some people who will become new friends and have the same hobbies. You may enjoy and bloom a whole new friendship.

If we really think about how blessed we really are to be living as we do, we would want to give back in some way.  My husband goes to McDonalds in the morning and has the regular “town hall meeting.” He is very active in volunteering!  They cannot understand why he is in such a hurry when he gets there.  They don’t realize how many people are waiting for his visit.  He always suggests to the men that they get involved.  Most of the men go home for the day, once they leave McDonalds, and have nothing else to do for the day.  At the Missionary Center in Memphis, Michigan going out to the Adult Foster Care Homes for men is one of the places we go.  We would sure love for more men to step up and help us!  We are blessed to have the ones we have!

Our time on this earth is so very limited.  Open your eyes to see where you can do good for someone or for some cause!  You won’t have to look far.  Be grateful for our lives by giving back in some way.  Unlock those locks on your heart and look for those in need. It may be a family member, friend, neighbor or a veteran.  Maybe a child struggling with education or an addict that needs to know someone really cares. Wherever you go, be a blessing to someone.  We won’t cross this path again. That is why we must “bloom where we are planted” now.


Marion Webber, former owner and operator of Haskill’s Greenhouses began the family owned business in 1986 in St. Clair, MI. Along with the retail site, she worked very closely with the community, supplying plants for fundraisers, churches, hospitals and schools. Bus tours were common in the spring, with hands on learning for children, garden clubs and seniors alike. Community service was the goal of Haskill’s. As the children went off on their own, the business was sold in 2006. Marion shared her love for plants and community service writing for Blue Water Healthy Living, a division of GBS Media

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