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Youth football ready to return in Port Huron

By Joseph Hayes

Are you ready for some football?

It’s almost that time of the year again in the city of Port Huron.

This weekend is one of the cut-off periods for the beginning of Port Huron Youth Football, which is expected to return for another season this fall.

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The Port Huron Patriots compete on four levels — flag, freshman, freshman, junior varsity, and varsity.

This season, they will be competing against teams from the Eastern Suburban Football League after previously competing out of the Thumb Area Football League.

Eastern Suburban Football League teams have athletes that will eventually compete out of the Macomb Area Conference.

“I’m hoping we get a football season this year,” Port Huron Football Community Director Jason O’Hare said. “If we have to start a season later we can do that. If we have to shorten the season we can do that.

“We hope to clear things up and get a season. That’s where we are now. With the high school season getting clearance to do some drills and some summer workouts, you have to think you can play. You would hate to see them practice all summer to then have the season canceled.”

After the adjustment of the previous sports seasons, it’s hard to know exactly what will take place and what to expect for sports going forward.

But O’Hare and everyone else is still hoping for the best.

According to everything currently in place, normal registration is being run through Saturday at Port Huron Host Lions Club on Water Street from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

O’Hare said he would be comfortable taking late registration if players wanted to play.

Players and cheerleaders can also be registered in advance by going to the Port Huron Youth Football website or Facebook page. Athletes will be sized on Saturday and a draft will be held on Aug. 10.

Games will be played on Saturday’s during the high school season.

“We need all of our talent to come out,” O’Hare said. “Let’s get ready to play some top notch football. We work pretty close with our high school programs. Coach (Ryan) Mullins has two boys that played with us. He comes out and gives a team chat.”

Port Huron High and Northern have each been on an upswing in recent years. O’Hare, who is one of the youth coaches himself, said he takes great pride in the success.

“Both schools are really supportive,” He said. “I take great pride in their success. Every Friday night I’m at the stadium. I’m part of the chain team. All of these seniors I coached. I’m sorry expecting them to have a phenomenal season. They all played for us.

“I think the entire starting defense and offense. When I go to a Friday night game I have multiple guys playing. I love it, to see them succeed.”

ESFL Teams
Clinton Twp Cowboys
East Detroit Tiger Cats
Eastside Eagles
Grosse Pointe South Red Baron
Mt. Clemens Barracudas
Port Huron Patriots
St. Clair Shores Green Hornets
Warren Jets

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