World News Wednesday – The Rose That Grew From Concrete – April 28, 2021

By Derek Elles

It seems you cannot go the whole day without hearing the myriad stories of hatred happening all around us. It has even gotten to the point that hate is being injected into everything whether or not it truly was there at all. In other words, the norm has become creating hatred where it never existed before.

This type of behavior results in a society of lost hope and depression. When we are constantly bombarded with never-ending negativity, it only stands to reason that we feel we are drowning and never to be rescued. So, today I am going to throw out a couple life buoys to hopefully add that hope back into life.

The first buoy is undoubtedly the Bible. It is our beacon of hope, our reason to strive forward in a decaying world. The Bible shows us that no matter how bad things get in our lives and in the world, we have already been rescued by Christ. Reading through the Old Testament reveals our need for a Savior, and then in the New Testament we see our Creator has given us one, His only begotten Son. Just perusing the pages within we can re-ignite that hope.

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The next buoy I will throw out is just a fraction of headlines that show there are still many good people in the world doing good things for others. It only takes a few seconds to do a simple search and find some good news to brighten our outlook of the world. You can also take a look at many of the articles and shows found here on Blue Water Healthy Living, and when you find them, share them with others who are undoubtedly in need of the same boost.

Hero Trucker Ignores Own Safety to Save Utility Worker Stuck in a Bucket With Fire Blazing Below

Rail Worker Who Saved Child From a Train Now Donates Half His Reward Money to Boy’s Family (Watch the Rescue)

Restaurant Wants to Give Burglar a Second Chance – Offering Him a Job Application

Man Returns $10k to Guy Who Left the Cash on His Bumper – And Was Given the Most Surprising Reward

Guy Fieri’s Restaurant Employee Relief Fund Has Raised Almost $25 Million for Struggling Workers

Returning the Love, Frat Brothers Pay Off Mortgage For Their House Cook 30 Years Later

Artist Takes Twigs and Turns Them Into Dancing Figures—Creating New Image Every Day

She’s Starting College at Age 12, With Plans to Be a NASA Engineer

Family Builds Giant Dinosaur From Take-Out Containers During Hotel Quarantine: Naming It ‘Bagasaurus’

Chernobyl Guards Have Befriended Abandoned Dogs, Feeding Them and Bringing Medical Care

‘The Rose That Grew From Concrete’ is the title and lyric of a poem/song by Tupac (2Pac) Shakur. Many have written about it as being a metaphor of white supremacy, but I find a different message that I feel is more accurate and fitting. This poetic metaphor is about not focusing on the scars we get from the world, culture, or environment around us and using them as excuses for bad behaviors, but realizing there is always hope, a way out. The hope we seek is found in a crack in the concrete; a crack from which grew a rose.

The Lord knew we would be embedded in a world of concrete and He also knew that there are many cracks in it as well giving us that hope and there are testimonies in our lives that prove. Perhaps the best and biggest of these cracks is the Bible. I encourage you to let go of the things you are holding onto in this concrete world so you can use both hands to firmly hold onto Christ, our only hope, and let Him pull you up threw a crack to bloom like a rose.

Until next week. Blessings in Yahweh’s grace mercy and peace.

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