Work continues on Sanilac Township shoreline

By Dave Fredrick - Sanilac Broadcasting

Sanilac County Road Commission officials and authorities from the Michigan Department of Transportation continue to have their hands full as they battle to repair an eroding shoreline in Sanilac Township.

Nearly a year ago, emergency funding was given to Sanilac County to have the Road Commission begin a massive job of shoring up a section of Lake Huron shoreline that was quickly being swept away by pounding waves.

The erosion was so bad, it threatened portions of M-25 falling in to the lake below a steep bluff.

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Hundreds of anchor rocks, weighing up to five tons each, have been, or will be, placed along the shoreline by large construction equipment, covering a stretch of nearly 1,000 feet, south of French Line Road.

While emergency repairs were made last February, another section of shoreline, just north of the recently repaired area, is also in danger of further serious erosion.

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