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Winter Wonderland

By Sharon Remington

The road is silent as the autos drive by

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as the temps drop the louder it gets

the crunch it makes under tires do not lie

 subzero temperatures are no assets

A fresh fall leaves it untouched

the beauty of the landscape is awesome

the trees are flocked with so much

silence is everywhere digits feel numb

The lake and river are frozen

Coast Guard breaks up what’s been dealt

few freighters will pass, those chosen

temperatures rise snow starts to melt

Ice is everywhere making things slick

snow blankets the county with all it’s might

inches at a time again it will stick

Winter Wonderland Oh what a sight.

Sharon Remington


My name is Sharon Remington. I graduated with the Charter Class of Sterling Heights School In 1973. College courses include psychology, interior design, and computers. After working A variety of jobs, I then went on to graduate from the Fashion School of Beauty. I became a licensed Nail technician and worked in Shelby Township. In 2002 I had an opportunity to move to the Blue Water area and have been loving it ever since! One of my passions is volunteer work. Currently, I am an Ambassador for an area senior independent living. The setting is a community of residents all living under one roof. I call it a mini-resort. The people come from all walks of life are friendly and a pleasure to be around. Some of my interest include water, gardening, crafts, poetry, animals and long walks. I also collect nautical articles from different places I visit. I look forward to being a part of Blue Water Healthy Living Magazine. My goal is to bring material that is appealing to its reader’s.

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