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Wife of Detroit Lions QB says state of Michigan being run as a dictatorship

By Joseph Hayes

By the time the day was over, she was already apologizing.

But what Kelly, the wife of Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stanford had said, had already received attention from many people throughout the state of Michigan.

“So I’m going to be very blunt,” Kelly Stafford said in an Instagram post. “I’m so over it. I’m over living in a dictatorship that we call Michigan. I understand there’s a pandemic, and I understand it’s very scary. I am scared of it, too. If you are at-risk, do not leave your house until there’s a vaccine. But shutting down all these small businesses, things that people have worked their life for, shutting them down again is not the answer because they will not make it. So once we are able to leave our house, once this dictatorship decides to let us have some freedom, there will be nothing left.

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“I’m just over it. I see all these people, and it brings me, like, to tears. I — believe me, I know there are people out there who are stating, ‘That is really ignorant of you, how could you say that?’ Listen, I know not everybody is going to agree with me, not everybody is not going to agree with every move I make. That’s life, OK? We state our opinions, we move on. This is my opinion. I feel for these small businesses. I feel for — it’s not that I don’t feel for people that have COVID or the hospitals. I do. But this is my opinion: I do not like living in a place where they tell me what I can and cannot do. I live once. Again, this is my opinion. You have yours. Everyone has their own, and we chalk it up to that.”

The post drew plenty of reaction from both sides, and by the time the day was over, Stafford had already returned for an apology.

In a post later in the day, she would say:

“All right y’all, here’s what I do best — coming back to apologize. After I read some of your things and I get grounded a little bit, I’m really sorry. I was in the heat of the moment. I have a friend losing her business, and it’s just getting to me a little bit. So I apologize for calling it a dictatorship.

“Probably the not so smart use of words. But yeah, I just want it to work for everybody, and I know it’s not going to work for everybody. It just kills me to see people suffer some financial burden for losing their business. And also from getting sick. But I don’t know, I apologize.”

Matthew Stafford has had his own battles with Covid-19 throughout the season. Back in training camp, he was tested in what turned out to be a false positive, which caused the NFL to change its league wide testing procedures.

Then recently, he was in quarantine away from his family after being around a person that tested positive for the virus.

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