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When Mackinac Island ‘opens’ for the 2019 season

Mark your calendars. Opening day 2019 on Mackinac Island is April 21!

Of course, Mackinac never really closes. It’s open year-round, and because more than 80 percent of the island is a state park it’s a great place to explore during Michigan winters. (Yes, you can visit Mackinac right now!)


But April 21 is when the summer tourism season starts in earnest and ferry companies in Mackinaw City and St. Ignace resume in-season schedules for boat shuttles to the island. Summer ferry service to the island continues through Oct. 31, before scaling back for the winter.

From opening day to Memorial Day, the island comes back to life after its winter slumber as horses return and hotels, restaurants, fudge shops, Fort Mackinac and other attractions reopen. The island remains in full swing through late October, when the horses begin leaving for their winter pasture and seasonal businesses close up shop. Mackinac’s Halloween festivities mark the beginning of the unofficial “closing” of the island.

Find out more about peak season and winter on Mackinac at the links below, and start planning a 2019 trip by checking out all the places to stay, things to do, food to eat and sites to see on the island here.


What is it about an island and vacations? It’s a natural fit on Mackinac Island. You have an Island where the automobile never replaced the horse and carriage. You have lodging properties where corporations never replaced family ownership. You have a Revolutionary era Fort where the British couldn’t permanently replace Americans. You have Fudge Stores where box recipes never replaced our 19th Century recipes. You have a place to leave your routine, discover the rhythm of waves and horse-clops and a place that getting to is half the fun.

For more information, visit the Mackinac Island Website.

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