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What’s In the News?

By Rev. Joseph M. Esper

Here are some actual newspaper headlines:

–Town Official Takes Stand on Manure Pile
–Seniors to Tour Morgue, Eat Ribs
–U.S. to Teach Afghans to Secure Borders
–Education: Two Words—Stay in School
–Top-Grade Teenagers Sought for Beef Queen Contest
–Old Bags Benefit Cross-town Center
–Local Humane Society to Host Pig Roast Dinner
–Children Not Likely to Inherit Infertility
–Diaper Bank Welcomes Large Deposit
–Survey: Wealthy Americans Feel More Financially Secure
–Shoppers Can’t Find Invisible Ink Pens
–Scientists Stung by Theft of Research Bees
–Resident Backs into Meter, Lets Out Gas
–Man, 84, Found Alive After Five Days in Dessert
–Canine Club to Hold Flea Market Sunday
–One-Man Band Gets Back Together
–Man with No Home Sentenced to House Arrest
–Stoner Will Help Focus Council
–Lawyer Says Client is Not That Guilty
(from The Almanac for Farmers & City Folk, 2012)

It’s a very healthy thing to find humor wherever we can, whether in the headlines or in other everyday situations. According to an issue of the Mayo Clinic Health Letter,

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It’s been said that laughter is the best medicine. While that’s not true for every ailment, research is slowly validating what many people intuitively experience while watching a comedy, having a gab session with funny friends or hearing a well-placed one-liner—that laughter is often an important component of health and well-being for yourself and those around you. If it’s been a while since you’ve had a good long belly laugh, you may want to consider taking steps to bring laughter and humor—and its health benefits—into your life.

A sense of humor can be a source of healthy living . . . so look for the opportunities to laugh each day provides (whether in the headlines or elsewhere), and keep smiling!

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