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What should red-blooded Americans and God’s Redeemed people do in the 2018 Mid-term election?

By Tim Parker

As a Precinct Delegate (#1) in Columbus Township, Michigan who attended the GOP State Convention in Lansing, information I know can help some as mid-term elections come. I’d love to talk about any issue; mostly, that time is past. As one who loves our Republic, its Founding and Constitution, I’m concerned about issues that threaten our political, religious and civil future; therefore, I share my thoughts to encourage registered voters to vote with Christian faith. One group, encourages citizens to let their Christian faith vote. .

My musings about our Republic, Rule of Law, political divide, President Trump’s leadership, Common Core and State/National issues might help us focus on reasons behind our votes. It’s harder to protect our foundations than let them crumble; a Christian/worldview vote helps protect our values. Patriotism can reign supreme. I was raised with a Christian worldview and patriotic nationalistic pride. Raised in Downriver Detroit, a block from our parade route, attending parades was a special “given.” If we didn’t know about the parade, the sounds called us to the curb in minutes. Those were great days but negative vibes from the Vietnam War dented American Military pride, and parades slowed. Many are taught today to reject that pride! Fake-news-media skews patriotism. Other than a few flashes in 45 years, like the Twin Towers falling in 9-11, we never visibly recovered that pride. By fulfilling campaign promises, President Trump is earning respect and rumblings show American pride is returning!

As a substitute teacher I occasionally ask students, “Can you highlight the crucial consideration of our nation’s founding that separates America from other countries?” Their answers are often far from my desired focus. After time, I point them to the answer contained in the Pledge of Allegiance. After all, they recite it every morning. Without prompting, they never point out that America is a Republic, not a pure Democracy. When I inquire what our label Republic means, they miss that we’re founded upon and restrained by Rule-of-Law – more specifically God’s Law. If we deeply understood that we are a Constitutional Republic with a Democratic form of government, I think many would do more to protect this necessary distinctive reality from overthrow. Sadly, many don’t know this!

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When citizens forget America is a Constitutional Republic, we devolve into foreign notions of Democracy without a Rule-of-Law basis. In recent times, especially the last two years, one side pushes a banana republic with mob rule and bullying tactics. Subversive socialistic ideals overthrow freedoms we fought for and love. Freedom-loving Americans fought to create our Union. Soldiers have fought to maintain our Republic since its infamous start. Sure, skeletons appear but the overarching desire to protect our country is the heartbeat of soldiers and red-blooded Americans. When we take our freedom for granted, we might lose freedoms like civil speech and religion, and the right to bear arms. If we yield control to Republic-haters, tyranny waits at the door!

Tyranny manifests in various ways – from “leaders” within or without our borders. Recent inclinations are toward “Democratic Socialism” that works only in an imaginative mind – not in the real world. Tyranny can be from ones who want a global/world government that overruns nationalistic states. It comes from ones who hate America – even ones who claim to be American! It comes from political affiliations that forget our Constitution, Rule-of-Law-and-Order, or our Christian heritage. It comes from Common Core laws that destroy solid facts-based education. It comes from wrong-minded speech/religion laws that destroy Christian values and rights. It comes when citizens do not vote or stand up for time-tested values and principles. Some today are bent on or willing to let our country die a political, practical death. I think the majority see through the confusion and will vote to prevent an overthrow.

Beyond students, politicians and voting-citizens forget or don’t appreciate the “experiment” called America. Closed borders allow our Republic to function as designed; currently, our lack is glaring. Our resolve will be tested with the recent caravan coming to assault our sovereignty and laws. Historic legal immigration is forgotten in this bombardment. Our founding touts a balance of power between our Judicial, Executive and Legislative branches. Rule-of-Law Justices don’t usurp Legislative/Executive power, and vice versa. The battle over Brett Kavanaugh was crucial. Our Constitutional-Republic was on the line and in jeopardy! We tenuously hold the reality of our Republic in our voting minds, hearts and hands. Vote boldly to allow our unique system to flourish.

Never in my lifetime has one side been so unhinged from historic American values! With no desire to paint with a broad brush, #Walkaway people say the Democratic Party is not the one they once supported. Mob rule is the new norm! Antifa and Black Lives Matter often get a free pass on criminal bullying and vandalism. Truth is determined by force, lies or intimidation. Sanctuary cities are embraced. No longer are civility and righteousness exalted! Hate-filled speech and behavior is applauded. Patriotism is confused or vilified. Flag-kneeling Kaepernick and country/veteran-despising is glorified, even if done in feigned ignorance. Without proof, Kavanaugh is condemned as evil. A Pennsylvania Democrat resigned because he “liked” the Country/Western song Stand for the flag; Kneel for the Cross. “Leaders” advocate physical pushback against Republican representatives. Deceptive accusation is equated with criminal guilt. Collateral damage is “normalized” and encouraged! A Minnesota Democrat “joked” that Dems will “bring [Republicans] to the guillotine” November 7th after the midterms. Hillary says no civility will occur until they win the midterms. Closed-border supporters are said to be immoral, as they support a caravan-invasion to flaunt horrible immigration laws. Pipe-bombs are “sent,” with Trump and supporters blamed.

Candidly, black conservatives are condemned as racist, no less! Consider Candace Owen, David Harris Jr, Jesse Lee Peterson, Kanye West, etc. Any who use a thinking mind to reject plantation mentality are seen as evil. Any who show respect for white male leaders are seen as traitors. Any who work with the President, no matter their noble desire, are condemned as being anti-American and against their race (without this being a racist statement!). Gospel-fearing pastors who pray with/for President Trump to discuss needed measures, even in war-torn-like inner cities, are seen as hating Christ’s Gospel. People who desire a border wall – when Christ as Shepherd protects His sheep – are said to reject biblical and American values. “Social Justice” is defined by usurpers and protocol-designers as the Gospel rather than a Gospel result. Illegal election-practices are applauded as necessary, with no shame or guilt. Ironically, with 60-million-plus abortions since 1973 and the loss of their offspring, we “need” foreign workers. Really; what’s wrong with that picture? They fight for abortion and support foreigners more than Americans (unborn and born alike) and veterans. They don’t hide anti-civility or hatred for Trump who also fights against pedophilia and sex trafficking. This broad group calls evil good, and good evil (See Isaiah 5:20).

Every voting-age citizen plays a part in reminding politicians of proper distinctions as they represent citizens per our Constitution rather than personal wealth and power. Involved and educated citizens elect freedom-loving candidates who demonstrate statesmanship. Sources I use Dave Janda of Operation Freedom, Bill Still, Sean Hannity, Mike Huckabee, Dick Morris and InfoWars. History rarely “smiles” on the party that wins the White House. We have a rare opportunity to reverse that trend. Every red-blooded American needs to vote in this election. Per Isaiah 1:16-20 and 2 Chronicles 7:14, may we seek God’s face. Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel said,

“What we have witnessed over the past two years is unprecedented. Never before have we seen such an unexpected champion of faith and family rise up in such an astounding way and accomplish so much. In just two years, President Trump has done more to advance faith, family and liberty than any president in our lifetime. And he accomplished these feats with unprecedented opposition! But everything could be swept away in a single day. I’m talking about Election Day — November 6, just less than 2 weeks away. The cultural divide in our land is now wider than ever. The political chasm is even more pronounced. And politics has been reduced to a battlefield of vicious, personal attacks that do not require the most basic level of corroboration or even a [civil] basis in reality. For the Left, stopping President Trump is the clear agenda. Meanwhile, President Trump and his administration are fighting on behalf of many, if not most, of our shared values.”

I think a clear choice exists. I believe most American-loving people see through this distorted picture and will vote for positive growth. President Trump has lowered taxes; brought back and reinforced strong companies who employ American workers; lowered restrictions on business to keep our economy rolling in peak form; promoted religious, speech, and gun-protective freedoms; made trade agreements to protect our jobs; helped bring back imprisoned people back to American soil; defeated ISIS; protected and enhanced Israel; fiscally supported a strong military restrained from every world-skirmish; advocated for strong borders with immigration policies that support a strong Republic; pushed to stop drug flow across our borders; discussed prison reform; is working to stop child and sex trafficking; created jobs to bring low unemployment rates; improved consumer confidence, and just made an historic reduction in drug costs for all Americans. Support for Trump keeps the momentum going!

Limited government encourages citizens to use God-given rights and freedoms to make their own life within godly living. A strong Republic encourages obedience to God’s Laws. We applaud God-given rights that influence civil treatment of others, as this gives more opportunity. Here’s a quick review of Michigan races and proposals:

John James, for U.S. Senate, is a well-qualified Patriot Statesman who emphatically supports our Republic. He’ll serve us well. His debate with Debbie Stabenow shows his colors and insight. As a Veteran and successful businessman, he’ll fight for our freedoms. His slogan, “Let’s Fly!” speaks of heights we can go with true leadership. He said, “In spite of America’s challenges, we shall overcome!” His view is a high course; I want to fly with him!

Bill Schuette will faithfully represent our Republic in Michigan; his pick for Lieutenant Governor was excellent. I’ve witnessed Schuette’s servant-leadership abilities a few times at the practical level. In a new role, I think his leadership will come to the surface like cream. Investigate the gubernatorial debates if you’re undecided.

Mary Treder Lang for Secretary of State is a great vote. With school-board candidates, she will positively influence facts-based education. Charter schools prove their muster to sometimes be a better choice. Without scrapping public-school education, significant reform should be discussed. Common Core and No-child-left-behind requirements thwart job-preparedness-education. Teachers need respectful classes where education is supreme!

The 3 proposals are slanted with wrong thinking and twisted light. 1) It’s negligent to disallow marijuana for medicinal purposes but recreational use needs a fully-educated discussion. 2) As written, the Gerrymandering one is dangerous for our State; we don’t need another unhinged Government branch! 3) Election-day registration denies fair, live-citizen, legal elections. Verifiable ID is required to obtain medical records; it should be mandatory for elections! While I empathize with viable sentiment in each proposal, passage goes sharply against our values. Support politicians and proposals to enhance our Constitutional Republic and Michigan. Four positively-presented, Christian-worldview-minded videos I highly recommend are: 1) Caring for our Country comes naturally:; 2) So proud of people who choose life:; 3) The natural law to defend your family:; and 4) What does the Bible say about Socialism: All four are from Pastor Jack Hibbs; they’re worth watching! A good friend thankfully passed these along. Resist flawed teaching; it’s out there! Proudly vote to make America great again (MAGA). Vote to leave a freedom-loving legacy for those who follow. Our country is the best thing going; help make it better! There’s no time like now! Vote and encourage others to vote too!


Tim Parker pursues being a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ on many fronts. He did jail ministry under Tom
Seppo of Operation Transformation. He helps Arnie Koontz at Blue Water Area Rescue Mission. A priority
is the universal and local church of Christ. He worked 37 years for Chrysler, finishing an apprenticeship
and attending Henry Ford Community College. His bachelor degree is from Spring Arbor University; he
attended Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville for an MDIV, pastored Smiths Creek Bible
Church, and received a Doctorate in Theology from Global School of Theology. With deep appreciation
for Christ’s Grace that manifests in New Birth and subsequent holiness, his 3-in-1 book – Finding God’s
Will in the Redeemed View of Life: Toward a reformed definition of Grace is a more-complete bio than
one finds here. This is Tim’s ninth year as a substitute teacher in St. Clair and Macomb County. As a
precinct delegate in Columbus Township, he keeps his pulse on political issues toward the protection and
advancement of our Constitutional Republic within a healthy Christian Worldview. As a disciple who loves
God’s Revealed, Written, and Canonized Word toward Christ-reflection, he loves to write, teach, and
preach. Tim and his wife, Elizabeth, have a blended family: Tim has four children, Liz has three, and they
have one son together. Eight, two daughters with six sons, makes a full quiver, from age 44 to 16, with 9
grandchildren. My hope is that BWHL articles will encourage learning and ongoing discussion.

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