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What It Takes Really To Free Trump from the Coup Against Him

We, and President Donald Trump and his legion of supporters, have defeated the intense impeachment phase of the four-year, British Empire-initiated coup attempt against him. (See the coup-promoting Washington Post’s teeth-gnashing front-page headline yesterday, “Alarm Bells over Trump’s Resilience.”) Now we should consider what it would mean to actually free him from the extreme pressure which has kept his most sweeping campaign promises unfulfilled. This starts by recognizing that they have been unfulfilled, and that American citizens must mobilize to get them fulfilled.

The President has repeated so many times since his campaign, that he thinks it is critical to have good relations with Russia and China, as well as other major nations, and to finally end the America’s endless war trap since the 1990s when British Prime Minister Tony Blair declared regime change as “American” policy. But while Trump has made clear since Senate acquittal was assured that he now wants to do many things cooperatively with China, Republicans in Congress do not, and his own officials, like Secretary of State Pompeo, are completely opposed. This has to be changed.

A major threat to President Trump’s anti-Malthusian, anti-“Green” policies of scientific and technological development—emphatically including a Moon-Mars breakthrough program—is posed by Sir Michael Bloomberg’s ongoing purchase of the entire Democratic Party. For several years “Mouseolini,” as the LaRouche movement has called this knighted London denizen, has been buying the party’s officials; now he is attempting to buy the Presidency by bringing down Donald Trump. If he succeeds, forget American industry and science, its space program; forget breaking up Wall Street banks which are now bringing on another financial collapse.

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President Trump’s promise of a new economic infrastructure for America has gone unfilled; the Republican Party in Congress opposes it almost to a man and woman, while the Democrat float fake “negotiate infrastructure” ploys.

We have said, “Trump is a builder: Give him the tools.” The most important tools include a national bank for infrastructure and manufacturing credit; a restored Glass-Steagall Act to break up Wall Street; crash-program funding for his Moon-Mars mission. And the most important tools also include an emergency summit with President Vladimir Putin and President Xi Jinping; free the President to cooperate with them on peace and infrastructure-building worldwide.

But these tools are the Lyndon LaRouche’s policies, his â€śFour Laws.” Here is what Helga Zepp-LaRouche said Feb. 8 about her late husband at an internationally webcast Manhattan Town Hall, â€śThink Like Beethoven: The Key to Victory in 2020”:

“The fact that Lyn’s ideas are being denied to the American people, and to much of the world population, because of the unjust incarceration, because of the same apparatus which was behind the coup against Trump: I think that when President Trump said a few days ago, that one must guarantee that what happened to him, with Russiagate and with the coup attempt, must never happen again—well, there is one absolutely durable way how this will never happen again, and that is the exoneration of Lyndon LaRouche. Because, when that happens, it will become clear, that the apparatus of British infiltration of the U.S., of the idea to run the world as an empire based on the Anglo-American special relationship—which was put into place since Teddy Roosevelt, and which has been revived by many Presidents in the meantime—is finished: And that is the apparatus which tried to destroy the Presidency of President Trump.

“So, if my husband is exonerated, for the sake of the beauty of his ideas, then a durable freedom in the United States, with the United States returning to be a republic, will be absolutely possible.”

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