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What it Means to Stand

By Allen Domelle, Old Paths Journal

Ephesians 6:14

“Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;”

Three positions God gives for the believer in their fight against Satan and those positions are to â€śstand,” “withstand,” â€śand having done all, to stand.” We often hear preachers preach on the importance of these stances and positions, but we don’t know what it means to do these. However, if you are going to please the LORD and serve Him for your entire life, you are going to have to make these stances and positions a daily thing that you do. So, what does it mean to stand?

First, it means to be truthful. The first thing God addresses to the believer concerning their armor is to have their â€śloins girt about with truth.” Satan is the father of lies; therefore, one of the greatest ways to ward off his attacks is by being truthful all the time. You disarm Satan and his minions when you tell the truth, even when the truth will seem to hurt you. My friend, it may seem like telling the truth will hurt you, but telling the truth is the only way to find true freedom in life.

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Second, standing means to live right. God commands to put on the â€śbreastplate of righteousness.” Righteousness means to have righteous acts. Many people don’t do wrong actions, but they have no righteous actions. You can’t live a life of righteousness if you are not doing righteous acts. In other words, serving God in your church’s ministries is one of the ways that you stand when Satan fights against you.

Third, standing means to be a soul winner. God tells the believer to have their â€śfeet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace.” You cannot fight off Satan’s attacks without being a soul winner. You will find yourself constantly succumbing to Satan’s attacks by sitting in the pew. Those who are soul winners find standing much easier than those who never tell one person about Jesus Christ.

Fourth, standing means to live by faith. God tells the believer to take the â€śshield of faith.” Faith quenches Satan’s attacks against you. It is much easier to step out by faith when you are a soul winner. You will never see a sitting believer step out by faith. It is the soul winner who is motivated to step out by faith to see what God can do through them.

Fifth, standing means to think right. Your thought life must be protected by taking the helmet of salvation. Never forget what God saved you from. Protect your mind at all costs. If you can protect your mind, you can keep fear from stalling you from living a life of faith.

Sixth, standing means to read and use God’s Word. The â€śsword of the Spirit” is not given to the believer as a decoration, but as a tool to read, memorize and use in your service for Christ. You cannot be on the offensive without a sword, and God’s Word is that sword that motivates you to think right and go forward by faith.

Seventh, standing means to pray. Verse 18 says, â€śPraying always…” You will never withstand the onslaught of Satan’s attacks without a prayer life. Your prayer life is one of the greatest tools for fighting Satan.

One word brings all these weapons together, and that word is â€śand.” You will not stand for Christ by only using one of these weapons, but it takes ALL of them to stand. You will only succeed in serving Christ by using the â€śwhole armor of God.”

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