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What If God chooses you?

Testimony of the Lions Den MBTC

By Michael Ritchie DC

My heart fell when my friend Gary Harms shared with me a statistic. “Sixty-one percent of the babies born at our local hospital have drugs and/or alcohol in their blood samples at birth.” How could this be when we live in such a rural northern Michigan community? That kind of problem only happens in big cities like Detroit or Chicago not villages like Roscommon. Checking the stats on the internet I found that many hospitals around the country are experiencing similar numbers.

This statistic was made ever so real to me as we just had our first grandchild born recently. What kind of world would he grow up in with so many in his age group affected by the plague of addiction? Speaking to one local teacher, I was told that nearly forty percent of the children at our local elementary school are taking at least one prescription medication during school hours. In the not so distant future, these young people will be in charge of our nation.

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I immediately went to prayer and asked God to help our country. His reply was simple and immediate. “You have to help the parents.” “Lord but how,” I prayed. “I want you to start a faith-based drug rehabilitation center in Roscommon.” His reply came.

There is a big difference between praying and actually doing something to fix a problem. “Lord, that would take time, money, and expertise that I don’t have. Besides those people are extremely difficult to work with. They lie, steal from you, most never follow through. Worst of all I just don’t like being around them.”

All of us have friends, family members and acquaintances that have drug or alcohol problems. I could have been easily one of them as I began drinking alcohol in my teens.

God replied forcefully, “I don’t care if you want to, you will do it!”

My heart broke to admit to my Lord that I didn’t want to do what he had asked of me. Humbled, I asked him for forgiveness and to grant two prayers.

“ Lord help me to see them and love them the way you do.”

If you ever ask God sincerely to grant a request like this, I warn you: he will answer above all expectations. Yes God filled my heart with love for those struggling with life-threatening addictions. Because I was willing and He was able, the Lions Den Missionary Bible Training Center has 21 people finding freedom from their addictions.

I will share with you next time how this miracle came to be.

Let me ask you a question. What if God chose you? We are only helping a small group of people but all of us can do something.

As Mother Teresa said, “Not everyone can do great things, but everyone can do small things with great love.

What if God chooses you? 

What if God chooses you
To do something great
Knowing that he doesn’t make mistakes 
Would you ignore him or follow through 
If God chooses you

What if it took some perspiration 
Would you find it an aggravation
Even if it would save a nation 
What if God chooses you? 

Esther was a winner of a beauty show
Yet there was something she didn’t know 
Despite her fears she would have to go
And stand up before the king

Daniel a slave and prisoner when
For his faith thrown into the lions den 
Wrongly accused by wicked men
Because he chose to pray

Abel made an excellent sacrifice 
Stephen willingly laid down his life 
Gideon set pictures aflame and took up the fight
What if God chooses you? 

It is not so much about ability
It’s more if we serve God willingly 
He does not call the able
He enables those he calls 

What if God chooses you
To do something great
Knowing that he doesn’t make mistakes 
Would you follow through 
Acknowledge him in 
all you do

What if he chooses you? 

Hebrews 11:33-40

Michael L Ritchie DC

If you know someone that could benefit from a residential eight-month bible based rehabilitation program. Call the Lions Den MBTC @ ‭(989) 275-0929‬
Or to find out more go to

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