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We are all in this together

We are all in this together.
A new catchphrase for our current circumstance,
Caused by COVID 19
At times this rings hollow.
Allow me my poetic license
Most of us are in this together.
Some refuse to abide by the stay at home order
Ignoring social distancing and refuse to wear masks in public
A reckless disregard for the Frontline heroes
Many putting their lives on the line to save others and protect us.
These reckless individuals
Claim the stay at home order
And the social distancing
is an unnecessary sacrifice for them
They fail to recognize the true Sacrifices
Caused by this coronavirus
The nurses, aides, doctors, first responders and essential personnel needed to maintain the basic function of hospitals.
Not to be forgotten
All The essential personnel
Manning the grocery store and pharmacies (all those I have not identified)
These are the people making sacrifices.
Working daily to ensure we have food available and our medications.
I scoff at the reckless ones. I know too many people working in hospitals,
grocery stores and pharmacies.
I salute them and I am in awe for their dedication to the care of us.

Photo Credit: John Yurgens


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