Watch – “The Lucy Show” – Lucy Meets John Wayne

Two of the Biggest Stars Collide!

When Lucille Ball Meets John Wayne on “The Lucy Show”

The Duke himself squares off with the Queen of Small Screen in this 1966 episode of “The Lucy Show”.

“The Lucy Show” ran from 1962 to 1968 after Lucille Ball was already a household name from her work on “I Love Lucy”. Lucille this time was no longer playing Lucy Ricardo, but instead the very similar Lucy Carmichael.

Also making the transition over from, “I Love Lucy” was her co-star & friend Vivian Vance who would again play Lucy’s best friend on screen only this time under her real name of Vivian. Vivian would stay with the show through the first three seasons of production. In later seasons Lucy would co-star opposite of actor Gale Gordon, who played Mr. Theodore Mooney.

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The show would often be written around the various celebrity guest stars that came on the show. That list includes, Dean Martin, Bob Hope, Jack Benny, Carol Burnett, Wayne Newton and obliviously in this episode the great John Wayne just to name a few. Still despite all the star power it was hard to outshine Lucille Ball.

Laugh along with familiar faces, and Enjoy the Show!

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