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Honoring Our Veterans: Rudyard Kipling

By Barry Kentner

Originally Published on November 12th, 2018.

From little towns in a far land we came,
    To save our honour and a world aflame.
By little towns in a far land we sleep;
    And trust that world we won for you to keep!

Those words, written by a soldier named Rudyard Kipling many years ago, are inscribed on the Cenotaph in Dresden, Ontario.  That Cenotaph also has 41 names of the Soldiers who died in battle; 24 from World War l, 15 from World War II, and two from the Korean War. One of the men from the Korean War, Corporal Vic Scott, distinguished himself by fighting with U.S. Troops.  He was awarded National and International medals for Bravery. His name is on a plaque on the wall of the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 113, as well as on the local Cenotaph, and on the War Memorial in Pearl Harbour, Hawaii.


It was not until 1919 that the first service of Remembrance was held.  It was November 11th, 1919 and 11 AM, marking the eleventh hour of the 11th day of the eleventh month when the treaties were signed that ended what was known then as “the war to end all wars”. The death toll was almost unfathomable.  The tradition was inaugurated by King George V in 1919, and since then the day has been marked by war remembrances in many non-commonwealth countries.

28 Banners, recognizing 31 local veterans of World War II will fly over Dresden during November, marking the Canadian Remembrance Day.  The banners were erected last week. The banners have flown in Wallace burg and Blenheim for several years now, and Dresden is the latest community in Southwestern Ontario to entertain them. The banners are paid for by the families of veterans.  and one of the banners honours three brothers.


Barry was born in Toronto, Ontario in 1935 and schooled to Grade 10, but continued educational pursuits until age 65 when he graduated from Open Word Bible College. He started working for Spitzer and Mills advertising in 1952, then moved to the Broadcast arena where for 62 years he was News Director and Talk Show Host at several Canadian Radio Stations. He was one of 5 consultants who managed to lobby for Christian Radio in Canada, and in the last five years before retirement, he was News Director of Canadian Altar.Net News, a network of 25 Christian Radio Stations across Canada from Charlottetown PEI to Campbell River BC.
Barry Kentner is a semi-retired pastor.

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