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Vassar coach will not face jail or probation for home invasion, domestic violence charges

By Arica Frisbey of Sanilac Broadcasting

A former Vassar High School coach – Lawrence McGrandy who pleaded guilty last November to second-degree home invasion and domestic violence will not have to face any jail or probation time, as decided by Tuscola County Judge Amy Gierhart on Tuesday, January 24.

Letters were sent on his behalf to the court by the likes of Vassar’s city manager, the police chief, school district superintendent and even a Tuscola County commissioner, asking for leniency despite the accusations of domestic violence against a woman McGrandy dated and shares a child with.

Despite the fact that first degree home invasion and malicious destruction of property exceeding $1000 was dropped from his list of charges as part of his plea, McGrandy hasn’t been found to be involved in any other crimes prior to this incident, Police Chief Ben Guile asserted in his support letter, instead praising him and cited knowing him for 25 years both as a coach and community member.

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Lawrence McGrandy allegedly entered an unlocked Fremont Township home shortly after 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, August 27, having tracked down his female victim via the OnStar systems both of them had in their vehicles when she didn’t return home the prior night. Once he found her in the home, he assaulted her and destroyed property such as a washer/dryer unit, a trash can, and a closet door. 

With the property damage in August estimated to cost a little over $1,100, Judge Gierhart ruled that McGrandy would pay $1,235 in restitution, as well as court costs of $1,308, and additionally sentenced him to time served (two days).

McGrandy could have received a maximum of 15 years for felony second-degree home invasion, as well as 93 days on a misdemeanor count of domestic violence.

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