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The Unsung Heroes of Hospice

By: Marion Webber

Blue Water Hospice is a place you never would think you are going to visit. But sometimes life makes a turn and you may find yourself with a loved one there.  This beautiful Hospice center in Marysville is a place I would be proud to put someone I love.  From the friendly staff, to the awesome nurses and aids, it is incredible the peace and love you feel when you are there.  The nurses are there the minute a button is pushed.  The needs answered immediately.  The entire place is clean, and the gardens maintained to perfection.

I have a friend who is there now.  Never did we think that he would be there.  I watch as his wife sits next to someone she loved since high school.  They had 8 children together.  Like all families, they had their shares of ups and downs, but always loved each other no matter what happened.  Now she sits and holds his hand, keeping him from that “anxiety” that people go through, not exactly knowing when the last day will be.  As I visit I watch as my friend passes away.  Once a big burly man, a policeman by trade.  Always fun to be around!  Every birthday we got together for a dinner. We were able to share our last birthday together on June 8th, my birthday. Who ever knew it would be at a hospice center. It was bittersweet as we know our long tradition is coming to an end.

My husband first met Dave as a policeman in Detroit.  They shared offices, as Robert was the Secretary Treasurer and Dave was Sergeant at Arms and Vice President for the Detroit Police Lieutenants and Sergeants Association (LSA).  I met Marty, his wife, at a retirement party.  My husband was off and running and I didn’t know a soul.  I finally sat at a table.  There I met Marty.  We instantly became friends.  She knew of Robert’s “busyness.” He was always out entertaining people so here we sat sharing and laughing as if we knew each other forever.  I found out that when Dave and Marty’s house burned down, they stayed with Robert years ago. Since that meeting we have been very special friends.  Dave and Marty both also volunteered and served as Prayer Ministers with the Divine Mercy Missionary Center in Memphis.

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Now I sit and watch as my dear friend is struggling with his last breaths.  I see the family and friends coming and going.  We all love Dave.  But I also watch as the Hospice nurses come and go. They are so cheery.  So helpful, so full of love.  They are beautiful people.  Constantly checking in, making sure all is well.  Always there with a good word.  I heard there were only a couple of people working a few nights ago and they worked so hard to keep up with all the needs.  Bless their hearts. They truly are the unsung heroes.  

Blue Water Hospice in Marysville is such a great place to stay.  They have a pond outside.  The doors open and you can actually roll the bed outside to enjoy the outdoors. The family can fish in the pond, and it is such a welcoming place.  A few days ago the family got together and had a bar-b-que on the patio deck.  It was a busy place and Dave was doing really well that day.  What a great memory for the family.

Life takes us on a journey.  Every day is a gift, and one day it will be gone.  Cherish your memories. You never know when our time will be over.  Thank God for the nurses and aids at these homes that deal directly with hospice patients.  They truly are a gift!

Tonight the Prayer Ministers and Volunteers from The Divine Mercy Missionary Center will be gathering for prayer and a last farewell.  We love you Dave!  We will miss you.  It was a joy to know you so many years.  May the Good Lord you prayed to your whole life come to take you home.  Remember your favorite words, “Jesus, I trust in You.”

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Marty Brozo June 20, 2017 at 8:32 am

God Bless you my friend Marion. Those beautiful people at the Bluewater Hospice are truly the unsung heros. I couldn’t have asked for better care for my Dave . Thank you so much.


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