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Unspoken Peace

Unspoken 1981

If not spoken the heart is not broken

if not lived there is no death


If SILENCE IS easier so it is

if it is TOO hard to say I love you

Then that is how it is

if it is not enough to show it

Then I am truly sorry

The words in time will come

If they be too late

Then the heart has not lived

Only your heart will know the pain

For mine will have never felt

The need to say I love you

Good bye to love good bye to death

So shall it be

 that I have never lived

Only existed through

This life called living

The death called love.

PEACE 1983

the pain in his hearts

is measured by the strength in his face

If you look you will see the traces

Of the war that never leaves

the end will never come, my son

until your days are done

The love you give another

will be the only peace you’ll have

seek love and find peace

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