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UWSCC 2019 Campaign Kick-off

UWSCC recaps their 2019 Campaign Kick-off Event

United Way of St. Clair County (UWSCC) is pleased to announce the success of their 2019 Campaign Kick-off.  This morning, crowds gathered to meet this year’s Campaign Cabinet of over 45 volunteers, have a first look at the new Campaign video and logo, and hear motivational encouragement from Michelle Shepley and Quinten Bishop.  They urge our community to join their team, Give a Little Bit, and Make a BIG Change.  Michelle is the 2019 Campaign Chair and is supported by Quinten as the Vice-Chair.  Both leaders gave compelling testaments to our community’s need for us to come together, invest in essential health and human services, and lift our neighbors up to a brighter future.

The main announcement of the morning was of the 2019 Campaign Goal.  Michelle exclaimed, “After careful consideration of our current and potential partners and other impacting factors, the Campaign Cabinet is seeking our community’s support to raise $1,208,000.”  To jump-start the Campaign, and help UWSCC meet or exceed this goal, long-term supporters, the Stebbins family, had a special announcement.

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2019 Campaign Chair Speaker, Michelle Shepley

This year’s theme is Give a Little Bit.  The Stebbins Family Fund is embracing Michelle’s theme of Give a Little Bit and is taking it one step further by asking you to Give a Little Bit More.  During the event, they introduced their 100% Matching – Leadership Challenge Grant.  Up to 25,000 of new dollars raised by November 15th that put contributors at the leadership level of $500 or above will be matched through this grant.  These contributions can be a one-time gift or an installment pledge through payroll deduction.

Details of the matching grant and the 2019 Campaign video may be viewed on the UWSCC website,, and exploring the Campaign menu.

For inquiries, please contact:

Douglas A. Dolph – Executive Director       810-985-8169 ext.127

About United Way of St. Clair County

United Way of St. Clair County was founded in 1924.  Its mission is to mobilize the community of St. Clair County to raise funds and resources to meet identified human service needs with the highest level of accountability and community involvement.  For more information, visit

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