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Try this new Incredible Hydrangea!

By Marion Webber

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By: Marion Webber

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What could be more incredible then this Incrediball® Hydrangea?  This adaptable native plant produces huge flowers (as much as 12″ across). Some varieties of hydrangeas tend to flop over from the weight of the flowers, but here is one that won’t.  These massive flowers bloom in the summer, and are held up by very sturdy stems.  If you enjoy cut flowers, this plant is for you.  It grows 48-60 inches tall.  Leave plenty of room, the plant will spread 48-60″ wide.  This particular Hydrangea enjoys the full sun at least most of the day, and are very easy to grow.  Enjoy this beautiful shrub in landscapes, naturalizing, and perennial gardens.  Incrediball® Hydrangeas  are very hardy, and can grow in zones 3-9!

Maintaining your Incrediball® Hydrangea  Prune back by one-third its total height in early spring to encourage strong new growth and flowering. You do not want to cut it back to the ground.  Flower color is not affected by soil ph., unlike some of the other hydrangeas varieties. This plant does best in well drained soil, but adapts to most areas. Avoid excessive and high nitrogen fertilizers – one application of granular fertilizer formulated for woody plants (like a rose fertilizer) is sufficient for the year.  Water your plant well to get it established, especially the first year, so the roots get established before the following winter.

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Problem Solving  Hydrangea blooms may wilt or droop, especially in hot summer weather.  Most likely your plant is soaking up too much sun and not getting enough water.   Another sign of lack of water could be that your blooms brown too quickly.  Flowers that wilt during the day and don’t bounce back at night may also be a sign of lack of water. Check to see if your plant is moist 1-2″ deep.  If not, water deeply.  For best hydrangea care, repeat this  weekly.  Adding a bit of mulch will also help to conserve water.

Companion plants  Your Incrediball® Hydrangea can be a unique showpiece on its own.  Blue, red, yellow, or a mixture of colorful plants, such as salvias, hosta and summer grasses, can also bring out the beauty of these 12″ flowers!  Blend it in with colors from the rest of your garden, to make this an exotic showplace for the summer!

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