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Trump and Truman

By Mark Pearson

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We as a nation are going through a time when one party is deliberately trying to remove a sitting president because they hate him and all of us that voted for him. The latest charge that has been brought against him during the first three open hearings is that he has gone against the state department and his “professional advisers” who, I might add, are unelected elitist career bureaucrats who think they are smarter than the president. Their noses are bent out of joint because he has done an end-run around them by not consulting with them or using their talking points when he talked with the president of Ukraine. And as such, they think that it is their responsibility to dictate foreign policy especially when it comes to Ukraine. We have heard from military officers, diplomats, and ambassadors who pontificate how they think our policies should be carried out. Pelosi and Shiff are using this rift between the president and the state department as the basis for their attempt to remove him.

Well, guess what, fifty-one years ago a president of these United States, a Democrat I might add, by the name of Harry S Truman went against his state department and his top general and made a decision that has made world-changing repercussions that are still being felt to this day. In 1947 there were thousands of holocaust survivors languishing in holding camps all over Europe. Also, the British mandate for control of Palestine (now Israel) was about to expire. The newly formed United Nations were in the process of voting to allow a new-state of Israel to be established back in their ancient homeland. Truman, against the advice of his state department, along with General Marshal commenced in doing everything in their power to dissuade him to recognize this new state. They attempted to undermine all his efforts in support of this new nation and this included General Marshal ultimately turning against him. In spite of those who served at the pleasure of the president and who should have supported him in his decision, he became the first major head of state to recognize the state of Israel and then went on to send a letter to the new British Prime Minister demanding that he stop blocking European Jews from immigrating to Israel. Up to this time, British policy was to hinder Jewish immigration to Israel in deference to Arab sentiment.

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So we now have a current president who, like his predecessor from 50 years ago, also has supported Israel by finally recognizing Jerusalem as its capital – something several previous presidents had promised to do. Is this what the American people want? Do all Jews and non-Jews alike want this president impeached for doing exactly the same thing that the then-president Truman and others have done? Hopefully, all Jews and supporters of Israel will let their voices be heard in support of our duly elected president.

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