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Time for Hope: A Woman’s Past Reveals Her Drug Addiction & Life on the Streets

By Helen Hermes

Host Helen Hermes sits down with Denise Benn Altena to talk about her past struggles with addiction and her life on the streets. Denise holds nothing back when it comes to sharing her very emotional and powerful story. It is truly eye-opening as to what someone struggling with addiction will do to support their habit, and how it can affect all other aspects of their life. Denise hopes that her story can help others who are currently struggling with addiction, as well as to help their loved ones understand what they may be going through and offer them that hope they too can turn their lives around.

We are humbled that Denise would share her very personal story with our viewers, and am glad to say that she has overcome these issues to live the full life that she now has.


If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, don’t wait, please reach out for help. It is never too late to be freed from the shackles of addiction, and begin a wonderful new life.

Helen is retired from a career involving mostly in data processing. She started in data entry and advanced to data entry supervisor and then into computer operations, programming, system analyst and middle management. She owned her own data services company that provided service to Ford Motor Company, Blue Cross, Chrysler, ASI, School Districts and many other businesses. After five and a half years, Helen sold to her partner. She and her husband moved to the Rose City, MI area to farm. After ten years of commuting back and forth to Detroit, a final move back to Farmington Hills was made.

During her life, Helen attended various college classes that included computer programming, business law, English composition, accounting, and other courses. She taught enrichment classes at Kirkland Community College, tutored reading classes in Port Huron for six years, was chairperson of the St Clair County Master Gardener’s Club for four years, was head trustee at Immanuel Lutheran Church for eight years, Chairperson of the Women’s Group at Holy Redeemer Church for four years, past secretary, vice chair, and chair of other various committees for the St Clair County GOP (member since 2008).

Helen and her husband, Jack have lived in Clyde Township for thirty years where they build their home. While living in Clyde they have traveled in every state of the United States. After visiting all the states, they journeyed to other countries in Europe, Eastern Europe (before EU), China, Thailand, Mexico, Columbia, Panama Canal, and others.

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1 comment

Denise May 19, 2019 at 3:46 pm

May the Lord Bless those that watch this….that need help and understanding……

Please seek a Christian based recovery Program…..

God can and will provide deliverance ……


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