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There Came Up the Champion

By Allen Domelle, Old Paths Journal

1 Samuel 17:23

“And as he talked with them, behold, there came up the champion, the Philistine of Gath, Goliath by name, out of the armies of the Philistines, and spake according to the same words: and David heard them.”

Nobody had ever defeated this champion. Goliath was the undisputed champion of the Philistine army. Everyone who had faced him was defeated by death. Not only was his record daunting, but his stature was great enough to make any person flee. In fact, when he came to defy the armies of Israel, even Saul fled to his tent. Saul was the king. He was head and shoulders taller than any other man in Israel, and yet, he still fled because of this great champion.

However, it took a young teenage boy to help Israel see that man’s champion was not greater than the Champion of all time, God. David knew that if God were able to create the world with His Word, and if He was able to deliver Israel from the great Egyptian army that He was also able to defeat the Philistine champion. David’s faith led him to challenge Goliath, and it was God’s help that helped him defeat this great champion.

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Has there come up a champion in your life that is trying to defy God? What is it in your life that is openly trying to resist God’s power in your life? You must understand that you serve a God who is bigger and stronger than any champion no matter how big that champion is that you face today. Just because the champion that you face today has never been defeated doesn’t mean that God is running in fear of your situation. No matter how big or daunting the champion is that you face today, God is bigger and can win if you trust Him. Let me give you some reminders of what to do when there comes up a champion in your life.

First, life’s champion is not omnipotent. There is always an end to the power of life’s champion. I know that what you face may seem overwhelming and big, but the champion that has come up in your life is not God, and it has an end to its power.

Second, don’t let the history of the champion defeat your spirit. Of course, the champion you face is going to shout its record to you, but just because it has won against everything else doesn’t mean that it can win against God. Pharaoh thought he was more powerful than God, but he found out the hard way that God is always greater. Nebuchadnezzar thought that he could defy God, but he discovered that, as he ate grass like a cow, God is greater. The Pharisees and Pilate thought they could secure a victory by making the tomb as sure as possible, but they found that no matter how secure they made the tomb, God was greater. Death and Satan thought they had finally defeated Jesus Christ on the cross, but though they bruised His heel, Jesus had the crushing blow and bruised their head by rising from the dead.

My friend, always remember that man’s champion is simply a man and not God. As long as God is on your side, man’s champion will not prevail. You may be facing life’s champion of trials and hardships, but you are serving the Champion who has overcome death, trials, hardships, and everything that tried to hold Him down. Don’t despair; you are on the winning side. The champion you face today may have an undefeated record in the present, but God is always greater than any champion you face. You will end up on the winning side IF you will face it with God’s help. Don’t run from it.

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