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Theology Thursday – October 7, 2021

By Derek Elles

So hopefully we now have a handle on what is meant by the word holy – being set apart. This is very important as it is the foundation for each element of our salvation. Today we will talk about redemption and see why it is important to be holy in order to be redeemed.

You may recall hearing the word redeemed or redeemer several times in the Old Testament. One of the most widely known stories of redemption in the OT is perhaps the that of Ruth. Recall that after the death of her husband, Ruth stayed with her mother-in-law and followed her back to her people. In the story, Ruth gleans in the field of Boaz who is a close relative of Noami, Ruth’s mother-in-law. Boaz tells Ruth that it is the responsibility of the closest relative to redeem her, but if he will not, then Boaz promises that he will, which he eventually does. 

The Hebrew word ‘Goel’ means to redeem, receive, or buy back. According to Hebraic law, the “nearest kinsman” or “kinsman redeemer” is a ‘Goel’ and has the responsibility of redeeming their family member.

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Most references define redemption as the purchasing out of the bondage of sin by the blood of Christ. It is also said when preaching to non-believers that Christ died for their sins to redeem them. This is over-simplifying the redemption process in which much meaning is lost. We must first become members of Christ’s family to make us eligible for that redemption. This is where holy comes into the picture.

Remember that when we accept Christ, Yahweh sets us apart, or makes us holy. We now become His children and brothers of Christ. Now that we have been adopted, Christ is our close relative; our “nearest kinsman” or “kinsman redeemer”. He is our ‘Goel’, and having already paid the price for our debt of sin, we are automatically redeemed.

The other places we here of redemption in the OT is when redeeming an animal with the blood of a young, unblemished lamb. This is also why Christ is the only one who is able to redeem us. Sin is referred to as a blemish, and Christ was without blemish and able to be that lamb of redemption for us.

Until next week. Blessings in Yahweh’s grace, mercy, and peace.

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