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The Tolerant Left

The following is a political commentary and does not reflect the views of Blue Water Healthy Living.  It is strictly a commentary by the author to ponder the thinking of the progressive left.

Dear Non-progressives,

We on the left and our temporarily chosen victim groups are special. Therefore we deserve to be protected by fences, walls and armed security. Anyone who doesn’t agree with us is unworthy and therefore, does not deserve the protection of any kind, most especially from our hatred and violence. If you decide to build a fence, a wall, or own a gun you are a racist and a Nazi. 

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We will do everything we can to silence you, take away your guns, ruin your careers, kick you off social media, impeach your President, demand the rape of his wife, sell his children to pedophiles, beat you up in the streets, assault and kill your police, burn down your businesses, shoot your representative at a softball field, bomb the Republican convention, and send petitions to our progressive socialist slave masters to have all who defy us rounded up and put into FEMA camps. 

All you non-believers who survive our bullying, intimidation, hatred, violence, and other gulag tactics, and STILL refuse to vote Democrat, we will just bring in illegal immigrants, and radical Muslims who will. As our new brothers, sisters and the other 56 genders kill you off one and one, we will continue to blame the gun, impose more gun control in order to further make you helpless against our righteousness. 

Once most of the 3% have been annihilated we will put the rest in FEMA camps and have you exterminated like we do to unborn children and like Hitler and all the Communist dictators we worship as heroes did to half a billion people last century. But always remember, you are the fascists, not us. Bigots! 

                         Signed, The Tolerant Left

Patrick Knowles II
Political Commentator

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