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The Right Focus: Denise J. Benn Altena

This program is an editorial. The views and opinions expressed in this program do not necessarily reflect the views of Blue Water Healthy Living or GBS Media.

Helen Hermes interviews Denise J. Benn Altena, who speaks about the changes she has made in her life.

Check out the full video for all the details!

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1 comment

Denisejulia Benn Altena February 21, 2021 at 10:37 pm

Thank you Helen Hermes and BWHL….
I just wanted to add…
I do sincerely love my daughter and son ….I also accept responsibility for the pain and hurt I caused them as being absent and addicted…….I feel inadequate at fixing such a mess and sadly fall short everytime……
I love them more than life and wanted those hearing this interview to know I’m not blaming anyone but myself for the damage……I just pray God provides healing and that love can surpass that extreme hurt they have …. God can and Will in His Time….. now it’s still very raw and not so easy to gain acceptance or forgiveness..
Other recovering peeps must realize sometimes not everything can be restored and perhaps somethings may never be restored…… things work according to God.on His timetable……. because I haven’t accoutrement the complete restoration I desire by no means should it be considered failure….. The blessing is acceptance and knowing that your still in the running to change negative outcomes into positive putcomes.


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