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The Poet’s Corner – “Witness to Progress” by John Yurgens

By John Yurgens

I have met many fellow survivors over the past six years
I know in my heart l helped many along the way.
Some I followed to long term rehab facilities
All have left an indelible impact on me,
as we travel on our journeys of the new normal
In the course of four (4) short weeks,
Well short to me,
Maybe not so much to my newest fellow survivor
The first few times we met; he could not control his tears.
Over a few weeks, I had the privilege to share the joys of his progress.
From, “I walked 70 steps today”, of course, we both rejoiced at this milestone
Now, “I’m walking with a cane!!!”
“I feel so much better now!”
I witnessed the physical, mental and emotional progress.
I am so blessed to witness his progress
And share in his joys.

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