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The Holy City

By Rev. C.J. Barry Kentner (“Rare Bear”)

1 Peter 2:4-10 and Rev. 21:1 

There is a praise service underway right now in the Throne Room of God.  Every time the Lord is able to use us to His Glory;  Every time someone comes to Christ, the Angels sing Glory Glory Glory.


Winged creatures full of eyes worship and praise God, and 24 Elders throw down their golden crowns, and bow before the throne and say “Thou art  worthy.”

We Christians have a truly marvelous role.

First:  when we are saved,  according to Ephesians 1:5, we are adopted as God’s son -or daughter-.  We are, according to Paul, in,  Romans 11, grafted into the family of God.  Romans 12 continues to inform that we become one body in Christ and that His body has many members just as our body has many members. I mean no disrespect..but in Christ you and I may be nothing more than toenails….but toenails are important too. But what is very important is that we are in Christ and as such are new creatures.

Where am I going with this? Well, I once had a vision.   I saw an arm with a hand come down from Heaven in a sweeping motion.  The hand had actually a lot of scratches on the palm, and just at the wrist, there was a hole.  This hand and arm literally scooped a bunch of smiling faces and lifted them up into Heaven, and plunked them on a wall.  Just the kind of motion you might see as a stonemason or bricklayer takes the mortar, and slaps it on the wall he is building and then puts the brick or stone in place.

Read with me from First Peter Chapter 2. Verse 4…we are living stones being built into a spiritual house. Now let’s read from Revelation 21 the beauty, the pride…the Holy City, the New Jerusalem.

Verse 11 and 12, and then from 18 to 20.  Years ago in Sunday School, I was taught a beautiful hymn.  

“When He cometh, When He cometh, to make up His jewels…all His jewels,  precious jewels,  His loved and His own.   Like the stars of the morning, His bright crown adorning…they shall shine in their beauty, bright gems for His crown.”

Are we not precious to Him..our Saviour?  Are we just plain stones, or are we precious living stones. Are we not being built into a spiritual house…the Holy City, the New Jerusalem?  Revelation 21:21 says the Great Street of the city was pure gold.  Like clear glass!

The walls were all these different beautiful precious stones and in each course…or foundation…the basic gem is decorated with all kinds of other precious stones.   I think one of those precious stones will be me. I think each one of us will be somewhere in that wall…a precious, living stone, built into the spiritual house that is our Heavenly Father’s House…the New Jerusalem.

Barry was born in Toronto, Ontario in 1935 and schooled to Grade 10, but continued educational pursuits until age 65 when he graduated from Open Word Bible College. He started working for Spitzer and Mills advertising in 1952, then moved to the Broadcast arena where for 62 years he was News Director and Talk Show Host at several Canadian Radio Stations. He was one of 5 consultants who managed to lobby for Christian Radio in Canada, and in the last five years before retirement, he was News Director of Canadian Altar.Net News, a network of 25 Christian Radio Stations across Canada from Charlottetown PEI to Campbell River BC.
Barry Kentner is a semi-retired pastor.

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