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The Green Path, The Four Elements

By Victoria Lafean

Working with the four natural elements is our next focus on the Green Path. For some, this may seem like a lot of hocus pocus. The natural elements represent the raw material of nature. We ourselves are also a part of nature. The elements carry the energies that form the basis of change, growth, evolution, and development in our environment and in our lives.

Each element has a specific energy. These are the associations according to Arin Hiscock’s book:

Earth- Grounding, Abundance; receptive and passive.

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Air- Communication, Intellect; projective and active.

Fire- Passion, Creativity; projective and active.

Water-Emotion, Sensitivity; receptive and passive.

Find a manifestation of each element in the natural world. This exercise will help you build a deeper connection and understanding of each element and its energy. Stand in a rain shower or next to a stream or river. Focus and feel the water. Remember the sensations it gives you. Feel the pull of the current with your feet and the energy the water gives and takes.

Next, bury your legs in beach sand or place your feet and hands in garden soil. You can even remove your shoes while on a nature hike and rest your feet on the forest floor. Close your eyes and focus on the feelings that the Earth is giving you. This technique can also be used for grounding yourself.

On a windy day stand outside and feel the power of air. Breathe it deep on a cool crisp morning. For fire, sit in front of a campfire or bonfire, even an indoor fireplace. Feel the warmth it gives and watch the energy dance in flames.

Remember to write your feelings and experiences in your journal. To keep yourself attuned to nature do this exercise once a year or once every season.

Keeping a small collection of the four elements supports the balance of all four energies. This collection can be placed in your sacred space which we created earlier in previous articles. You can use a small candle for fire, a feather for air, a stone or a green plant for Earth, and a small glass of water or a small fountain for water. This collection can be used while meditating to draw on all or certain energies from them. While meditating you can hold your element and focus on receiving its energy.

Fire- passion and creativity.

Water- emotion and sensitivity.

Earth- grounding and abundance.

Air- communication and intellect.

Until next time Arin and I encourage you to attune yourself to nature with the four elements.

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