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The Easter Experience

Originally published April 13, 2017

By Marion Webber

Easter isn’t a spiritual event that happened once a long time ago! To each person Easter may have a different meaning. For me, it is a time of Celebration after the long 40 days of lent. It is a Feast when Jesus who died for us is now alive and with us today! For Catholics Easter is th e most important Feast of the year! St. Paul wrote in Corinthians 15:14, “If Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is in vain and your faith is in vain.” If Christ had not Risen we would have no hope. It would have been just another person who lived and died. Period. I think of the Apostles and the emptiness they must have felt, after losing the Person they put all their faith and trust into. They never understood that Jesus would Rise from the dead at that particular time. How empty they must have felt. Everything they saw and believed in was now gone! But for us, we know! We know He is alive! We know that after the 40 days of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving, that Easter will come!

As I prepare for Easter Sunday, I think about how Someone chose such a brutal death, so that I could have life with Him. I pray to be filled with the love that He had for me as He traveled that awful road. Jesus came to give us life to live it to the fullest. I want to have the peace that only Jesus can give! He can no longer walk in this world so I want to give Him my hands and feet, my heart and soul that I can take Him out into this broken world. Who else if not for me or you? How else can He be present in the world today? When I hear of good deeds done by people, I realize it is Jesus acting within that person. We cannot do anything on our own, but we can do all things through Him who strengthens us! These are words I live by. In my world I constantly am stretched far more than I ever thought possible. I know I could not do it without Him!

My purpose in life is to love those who feel unloved and unlovable. When I look around the world today there is so much hate, bitterness, and coldness. If I act like that as well then where would one go who is looking for a l oving touch, or a smile? I pray to have the eyes to see the needs of others. Keeping Jesus alive in me and through me is my goal. Does it always work? No. I have days that I can be really disappointed in how I’ve acted, or words I have said. Yes I am still in this human flesh. But I remember that Jesus fell three times, and He is God! If God Himself can fall get up again and move on all the way to the Cross, I will pick up my little crosses and struggle along daily as well. I have come to realize every moment counts. It will never come back again, and what we do with it is our free will choice!

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One of my favorite nights is on Easter Vigil night! In Catholic Churches before the Holy Mass, a small bonfire is lit outside of the church. There the Pascal Candle is lit. It is then processed inside the church. The church is completely dark. When the candle comes in, the candles people are holding are lit from the back of church to the front until all the candles are lit. It is beautiful to watch. Once they are all lit, the church lights are turned on and the altar servers start ringing bells. It is a Glorious Celebration. The Mass continues and any new members are welcomed into the church! I love the beautiful traditions of the Catholic Church. For many it is a mystery, but a mystery worth learning about! If you are searching, please check out a nearby Catholic Church and become part of our family!

For more information contact: The Divine Mercy Missionary Center

Holy Family Catholic Church 79780 Main Street Memphis, Michigan 48041

(810) 392-2056 ext. 246

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