Blue Water Healthy Living


By Art Smith

The coronavirus crisis came upon us suddenly,
Causing a pandemic that nobody could foresee.
It really sneaked up on us like a thief comes in the night…
Resulting in much consternation, panic, stress, and fright. 

We’re told there is no vaccination to impede this scourge.
“If you don’t have to travel, please stay home” officials urge.
But should you contact others, then, in each and every instance,
do what is recommended, keep your six-foot social distance.

Please often wash your hands and don’t touch mouth or nose or eyes
Or you could contract Covid-19 ‘fore you realize.
Symptoms might include a fever, or perhaps a cough.
And maybe problems breathing just might not be too far off.

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Try not to touch the doorknobs, countertops, or kitchen sinks,
‘cause that’s where virus droplets might be hiding out, methinks.
So get yourself a few good books and stock your food supply.
Settle back, relax, and we’ll all watch the time go by! 

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