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Photo courtesy of Ron Allen

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Ron Allen is a self-taught artist who has been drawing and creating since he could pick up a crayon as a child. Despite facing challenges in life, he never let setbacks prevent him from pursuing his passions with all his energy.

Photo courtesy of Ron Allen
Photo courtesy of Ron Allen

While admiring a hillside filled with dandelions outside his apartment, Ron’s memories of his stepmother and grandmother crafting various items from dandelions sparked an idea. So, he went back inside and began researching what he could make from the weeds, eventually discovering the potential to create a pain reliever.

After experimenting with creating a pain reliever from the dandelions, Ron soon realized the challenge of getting it approved by the FDA. Undeterred by the extensive approval process, he used his creativity as an artist to find a new use for his materials. He discovered the potential of creating his soap, utilizing his resources to turn the idea into a reality.

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Ron cherished a nostalgic memory of discovering his love for homemade soap. He already had all the necessary materials except for the molds. In the beginning, he tried various combinations of oils, but after six months of experimenting, he found the perfect recipe that produced a hard bar of soap. The soap effectively cleaned and removed dirt, had a good lather, and was consistent in scent, color, and mold design, with the only variation being the fragrance and mold. He utilized bamboo swirls to create unique designs, and it took him about 20 minutes to mix the ingredients, bake it for an hour at 170 degrees, then let it cool and cut it into bars. The soap needed to cure for a month before packaging.

Photo courtesy of Ron Allen
Photo courtesy of Ron Allen

Ron’s former business partner named their company “Rock Hard Soap,” selling rocks, crystals, sand gems, and soap. After the partnership dissolved, Ron took over the soap part of the business, and his partner took the other items. Despite the split, they remain close friends.
Ron’s love for soap-making has proven successful, with a devoted customer following eagerly anticipating his latest soaps.

He has sold thousands of bars at farmers’ markets and events, there will also be a showcasing of his work at the Valentine’s Show at Birchwood Mall in Fort Gratiot February 11, 2023. In addition to his commitment to his customers, Ron is a proud sponsor of the Algonac Farmers Market, demonstrating his support for the local community. His soaps, with their distinctive blends and imaginative designs, are a true expression of his passion. 

You can purchase his soaps at

Or go to his Facebook page at

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