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Sports world must adjust to COVID-19

By Joseph Hayes

Could you imagine if the NFL or NBA tried to outlaw all flu’s or colds for an entire season?

What if one of the leagues were shut down at the onset of them?

It would be seen as something that would be unheard of.

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Meanwhile, the Western world wants to shut down for the onset of the coronavirus.

The more I have learned about the beginning and rise of what we call Covid-19, it appears the vast number of people getting it continues to grow, although death numbers have stabilized.

Meanwhile, the hysteria has not come screeching to a halt. All of the professional sports leagues have succumb to the madness and as they attempted to reopen, they are being taken down with media blitzes that act as if Covid-19 has to be gone for good in order to return to life.

I thought people who were sick were put into quarantine, not the healthy population?

It’s amazing how soft our society has become in the face of any challenge. At the onset of any problem, it seems ready to quit. In this instance, we are told to hide inside for months until this disease goes away.

It’s time to get back to life, and for many people that may involve a return to sports. If and when the leagues do resume, there will surely be a greater appreciation than ever before.

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