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Sinkhole widens in Marysville

Boddy Construction wins emergency contract for repairs

By Jim Bloch

How big is the sinkhole on the east side of Busha Highway in Marysville, just south of Huron Blvd.?

“You could fit two-and-a-half pickups down there,” said Barry Kreiner, director of the city’s DPW. “We found the sinkhole … about a month ago and it keeps growing.”

Boddy Construction Company, Inc. underbid two other companies to land the repair job. The firm bid $53,230 for the work, followed by Raymond Excavating at $73,500 and Teltow Contracting at $124,900.

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The Marysville City Council awarded the contract to Boddy at its regular meeting, Nov. 25.

Barry Kreiner, director of the Marysville DPW.
Barry Kreiner, director of the Marysville DPW.

“The project involves the excavation and replacement of a 140-foot segment of 30-inch diameter storm sewer that has collapsed,” Kreiner said in a Nov. 22 letter to City Manager Randy Fernandez.

“The 30-inch line has collapsed down to a 10-inch line,” Kreiner said at the meeting. “The pipe has egg-shaped down.”

A remote-controlled camera captured images of the ground was visible through the cracks in the pipe. The leaking stormwater seeped from the pipe and washed away the surrounding earth, creating the sinkhole.

The storm sewer line lies about 500 feet south of Huron.

“It takes the drainage from about a quarter of the town,” said Kreiner.

The job is a complicated location in which to work because Enbridge Line 6B and two Buckeye pipelines run nearby.

Kreiner said the job was beyond the capability of the DPW to repair.

“Is the repair something that’s going to happen now?” asked council member Paul Wessel.

Kreiner said he would send Boddy a notice of the award tonight and they are obligated to start the repair work within five days.

“How long will it take?” asked council member Dan Shirkey.

“A week,” said Kreiner.

“How did you discover the sinkhole?” asked Mayor Pro Tem Kathy Hayman.

“Driving down the road,” said Kreiner, noting that one of the DPW supervisors initially spotted the hole.

City council member Greg Badley.
City council member Greg Badley.

“Any traffic disruptions,” asked council member Greg Badley.

“No,” said Kreiner. “Just turning into and out of the work site onto Busha.”

Kreiner’s DPW budget contains a line item for $300,000 earmarked for emergency projects like this one.

Mayor Wayne Pyden asked how close the storm sewer was to the pipelines.The sewer line runs about six feet to the east of the pipelines and below them, about 15 feet underground, Kreiner said.

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