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Sewing Is for Life, Not Just for Girls – By Annie Lane

By Annie Lane

Dear Annie: I was wondering how the man with a short fuse was functioning in the work situation. I had a friend years ago who had anger issues that caused disastrous results in his family, professional life and social life. His license was revoked, and he was ordered to get help, which he did as an inpatient in a psychiatric facility. He was discharged on medications, and he became a totally different person, completely restoring those aspects of his life. — Friend Reinvented Life

Dear Friend Reinvented Life: I am printing your letter because it shows that recovery is possible. If you have problems and seek the help of trained professionals, you can improve. Congratulations to your friend. I’m glad his loved ones have him back.

Dear Annie: Mama wrote to say that Papa was “mad as a hornet” because he said she is encouraging feminine tendencies in their grandson, “Ernie,” by allowing him to sew with her and her granddaughter. Don’t panic, Papa. Not only can little boys show they are creative but sewing is also becoming a lost skill. Imagine a sailor not knowing how to repair his sail because he never learned how to make minor sewing repairs. And with Memorial Day coming soon, let’s not forget all the World War II soldiers whose mamas sent them off to war with a sewing kit for mending. — Sewing Is Self-Sufficient

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Dear Sewing Is Self-Sufficient: You bring up some great points about how sewing is a practical life skill, and why boys should learn to sew. The following reader added to your point.

Dear Annie: If it’s any comfort to Ernie’s grandpa, Boy Scouts are required to sew on their own badges. — Sewing Is for Life

Dear Readers: Below is a poem submitted by a reader named Dennis who is a poet in Hawaii. It is a sweet tribute to true love, something the world needs a lot of.


“Some are lucky, some are not
“to find in life what can’t be bought,
“the precious one to make you laugh
“True Love, dear one, your other half.

“Your other half of you that’s lost
“you’ll search for him at every cost.
“Behind the clouds and under stone
“you’ll find that you must search alone.

“Your search will take you through many lands
“to touch and hold so many hands,
“you’ll turn to kiss but while you’re kissing
“a pretty miss but something’s missing.

“You leave him or he leaves you
“your search continues for something new,
“what you thought was love was only laughter —
“love that’s real is what you’re after.

“What sometimes happens after awhile
“you mistake love for a pretty smile,
“you’re so lonely and they’re all you got
“so you build him into something he’s not.

“You leave him like all the rest
“or he leaves you, whatever’s best
“You walk on and kick the dirt
“so terrible tired of being hurt.

“You turn off your heart and turn off your mind,
“you left too much of your heart behind
“you say, ‘I’ve searched til I don’t know how
“a little older and colder now.’

“You see love waits for you to say ‘give’
“and comes to you when you’re ready to live,
“the precious one to make you laugh,
“True Love, dear one, your other half.

“The other half of you that’s lost
“after you searched at every cost —
“only when your search is done
“will you find your only one.”

“Ask Me Anything: A Year of Advice From Dear Annie” is out now! Annie Lane’s debut book — featuring favorite columns on love, friendship, family and etiquette — is available as a paperback and e-book. Visit for more information. Send your questions for Annie Lane to


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