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Senior Math

By Terry Pettee

I read somewhere, sometime ago a formula every senior should keep close at hand.  The only place close at hand I can remember, even when I forget, is my refrigerator.  I mean the outside of the refrigerator.  The inside is reserved for food and occasionally your TV remote and car keys.

I recommend a magnet rather than scotch tape.  Scotch tap yellows over time and looks crappy.  Tape won’t stick to the surface of your refrigerator for more than a few months and when it falls off it leaves a smudge that can be is a bear to rub off.  On the other hand, there are more magnets floating around than you can shake your cane at.  And, you can get them free in a lot of places.

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But I digress.

Back to the formula.  Here it is.


+ Understanding

+ Experience              

= Wisdom

Knowledge can be acquired in many places.  And not just in school, there are other places too.  Don’t kid yourself about being too old to learn.  Take a class and learn something new.   There is probably a community college or an adult learning center or a library or senior center or even a church near you offering something you have not already learned.  But even so, take a refresher course.

Now understanding is another thing.  It requires something many kids and young people are not very good at just yet but you have mastered.  It requires thinking.  I mean thinking that requires more than moving two opposing thumbs on key board the size of a match box.  Put your brain back to thinking on things that expand your world beyond the dimensions of your wide screen TV.

There’s another thing the youngsters are well short of and that is experience.  You got it.  Take it out of storage and find a place to share it.  Here’s a suggestion.  Wherever you go to get your knowledge, share your understanding and all the experience that got you through life will flow like – let me see, what is a good metaphor.

I got it.

Your knowledge, your understanding and all your experience will flow like pearls of wisdom. Lend them to a younger generation as your legacy.

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