Sanilac Road Commission moves forward with new salt barn

By Dave Fredrick - Sanilac Broadcasting

Officials with the Sanilac County Road Commission continue to work towards their ultimate goal of getting a new salt barn built in Croswell, but it has been an uphill battle, jumping through hoops at every turn. Engineer/Manager Robb Falls reported to Commissioners Wednesday morning that progress had been made on finalizing land purchases from the City of Croswell and the Michigan Department of Transportation that will clear the way for construction of the badly needed storage unit. Falls said the new salt barn will be 70 feet x 120 feet with the capability of storing up to 1,200 ton of salt. He said the new building will replace an older structure currently situated north of the property the Road Commission has been trying to purchase for several months. The $500,000 dollar project will allow large trucks to back into the building and dump their loads of sale more efficiently. Falls said he is expecting to receive bids on the project yet this fall with construction set for sometime next year.

Gravel patch work continues throughout Sanilac County as the season begins to wind down towards fall. Sanilac County Road Commission officials say crews have been kept busy applying tons of gravel in several townships. Most recently, Maple Valley Township received 3,700 tons, Marlette Township had 4,400 ton delivered and Bridgehampton Township saw another 600 ton applied. Road Commission crews were expected to complete a 5,200 ton haul into Worth Township with another 3,900 ton in Sanilac Township and 1,900 ton in Speaker Township expected to be applied in the coming weeks. Road Commission crews continue their total re-build work on a two-mile stretch of Shabonna Road where they plan to apply 6,000 ton of gravel by the time the job is completed this fall. The overall rebuild is expected to cost around $110,000 dollars with the township and Road Commission sharing the cost of 75% for the county and 25% for the township.

Engineer/Manager Robb Falls said the on-going work of repairing a rapidly eroding section of land along M-25 in Sanilac Township continues. Crews had large anchor rocks hauled in from Alpena to place along the Lake Huron Shoreline to slow erosion from storms that come ashore from the east-northeast. Road Commission employees expect to relocate two large excavators to the area near the Washington Road roadside park and place another 600 ton of anchor rock along the shoreline to the south of the park. Falls said the work is being done for MDOT with all costs being reimbursed from the State, estimated to be around $250,000 dollars. Crews are expecting to have the work completed by the end of October.

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In other Road Commission news, Finance Director Terry Taylor told Commissioners they had received the August Michigan Transportation check of over $860,000 dollars, giving them over $6.5 million dollars for the year. The payment was $130,000 dollars more than the August 2020 payment. The most recent payment for State Maintenance Reimbursement totaled over $96,000 dollars, giving Sanilac County $948,000 dollars in State Reimbursement this year. Between new asphalt and sealant being applied to County roads, Falls said around 50 miles of roads have received some type of upgrades this construction season. Work on South Sandusky Road, south of Miller Road down to the intersection of Marlette Road, is expected to be wrapped up in the next week or two as crews have applied new asphalt and are now building up gravel shoulders.

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