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Sanilac Commissioners discuss Recycle program

By Dave Fredrick - Sanilac Broadcasting

(SANILAC COUNTY) – The Sanilac County Board of Commission met earlier this week, taking care of business on several items including a review of the recycle program.

While there is a county-wide recycle millage, Commissioner Joel Wyatt said there may be a misconception that because a community may have a roll-off container placed there, it’s strictly for that community’s residents to dump garbage and recycle waste.

Program Director Joann Bye Clarified that the millage is strictly that the county will keep the recycle center operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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She added, the roll-offs have nothing to do with the millage. Currently, roll-offs are placed in Worth Township, Marlette Township, Brown City and at the Tri-County Landfill.

Typically, the Worth and Marlette locations receive the highest amount of usage.

Bye also told commissioners the program currently has four trailers used to place cardboard in and is hoping to purchase two more trailers to handle high demand.

In other Commissioner’s news, Administrator/Controller Tara Griffith told the board there has been discussion concerning healthcare for employees, especially for new hires.

Griffith said the new hires have a tiered system and can purchase healthcare for family members, but that it begins to get very costly and in some case, cost-prohibitive.

County staff are looking at their options, prior to the Open Enrollment period in July.

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