Saline Drips are Dangerous

By Tracy Berndt

IV drips of Normal Saline are widely used in medical treatments, often perceived as harmless or even life-saving. However, the reality is quite different. Despite the seemingly insignificant amount of NaCl (0.9%) in Normal Saline, it involves injecting an inorganic salt, recognized as a biocide capable of killing cells, directly into the bloodstream. A 2018 NY Post article suggests that discontinuing the use of saline drips could potentially prevent 50,000 to 70,000 deaths and 100,000 cases of kidney failure annually in the US. The link for that article can be found at the bottom of this article. Dr. John Kellum, a critical care specialist at the University of Pittsburgh, has been cautioning about potential harm from saline for two decades, attributing the lack of change to inertia in medical practices.

A review of studies on PubMed reveals alarming findings, with statements such as “This study was terminated early for safety reasons” and a call for “Further research in the field.” Excerpts from these studies highlight concerns, indicating that normal saline can lead to hyperchloremic metabolic acidosis, increased need for vasopressor support, and higher mortality rates compared to balanced crystalloids in various medical scenarios.

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From a terrain model perspective, the injection of inorganic salt directly into the body, bypassing the natural filtration provided by the stomach and bowels, concentrates the damage and poses a significant risk to organs. While ingesting salt through diet allows filtration by organs, IV administration of saline may contribute to hundreds of thousands of deaths and serious injuries, aligning with the understanding that salt, as an inorganic mineral, acts as a biocide, causing cellular damage and disease symptoms. Saline is a solution comprising inorganic salt combined with water, occasionally containing other inorganic minerals. This mixture is subsequently administered directly into the body, bypassing the customary filtration process. When salt is consumed through the stomach and bowels, these organs filter it, providing a level of protection against excessive salt intake in our diet. However, when this natural filtration is circumvented, the damage is concentrated and directly affects the organs. Consequently, it comes as no surprise to hygiene professionals that this hazardous treatment is implicated in hundreds of thousands of deaths and severe injuries.  

Below are many links with additional information to learn more about this topic yourself. I hope this article helped to inform and enlighten you.  Always remember, your health is completely based on what you digest, what you inhale, what you absorb, and what you inject.  Be mindful of the harmful substances and toxins you put into your body, and you will start to see positive results and feel much healthier on a daily basis.

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