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Refashion: Country Dress Refash

By Marisa Glied

I am ashamed that I have been holding onto this dress since I started my blog…2 years ago. So, finally the day has come for this little dress to be refashioned! Yay!

Joining this dress will be a part of another dress…

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I have always been drawn to eyelets which makes this dress so beautiful to me.

I began by taking in the green floral dress in by 2 inches.

I harvested the front of the eyelet dress because it had beautiful clear round buttons.

I cut a slit down the front of the dress and folded over the sides to make a v-neck. After my v-neck took shape I pinned in the bit of fabric I took from the eyelet dress.

To make the v-neck fall flat I had to fold down all around thee neckline as well.

I took the bottom part of the eyelet dress…

I pinned it to the bottom of the dress dress and there you have it! A beautiful dress with a country girl feel!

Happy Refashioning!!!

If you enjoy these articles and more, check out Marisa on her blog – TheRefashStash.

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