Rare Bear: Reflections

How many of us reflect in January about the events of years past? I do. Each year, I mull over the amazing things I have seen and taken part in.

I especially remember World War II and the Boy Scout paper drives. And I remember the death of Franklin Delano Rosevelt, the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy where, as a News Director, I spent a day and a half with no sleep…keeping the public updated.

I remember the first space shots, and the FLQ Crises which many Americans know nothing about.

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And I remember a time in 1946…

It was Christmas, and a New Song was introduced. “I Saw Mommy Kissin’ Santa Claus.”

I didn’t hear it on any local radio station, but Buffalo Stations carried it. And Toronto, where I grew up, is within the Buffalo Signals. In fact, I listened to Buffalo more than any local station in those days…so did all my friends. They carried the Lone Ranger, Sky King, and Terry and the Pirates… Canadian Radio didn’t.

But why didn’t Toronto and other Ontario stations play “I Saw Mommy Kissin” San ta Claus?” So, being a curious 11-year-old, I phoned a Toronto Radio Station and asked “Why?”

I was told that it was obscene…because the only person who would kiss Daddy would be his wife … and if by chance Daddy was Santa, it would be like a betrayal.

This was the Canadian View at this time…and it caused me to think about attitudes. From that day on, I have paid attention to the attitudes of the public.

Happy Snappy New Year

Here’s to a Snappy
Happy New Year…
One without Covid
And one without fear.
Here’s to a Blessed
And sane New Year.
One full of Blessing
One full of Cheer.
Here’s to a Wonderful
Year full of Hope.
Here’s to a New Year
In which we can cope.

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