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Rare Bear: Lasting Impressions – part 2

By Rev. C.J. Barry Kentner

Last week I shared tales of those two special horses which led to this week’s lasting impression, part 2. I hope you enjoy!

My wife of 62 years reminded me of several incidents with our horses. On one occasion, she came downstairs to the kitchen to find two horses, Tony of course, and a pony named Sally, roaming around the dining room. Apparently, the children did not close the kitchen door properly on their way to the school bus and the two errant animals wandered in.

I have to ”fess up”. I am not a horse lover. I have had too many bad experiences with horses over the years,including a brush with a run-a way-horse at the age of 4 which made me very wary. I was riding my tricycle when a run-away horse jumped the curb and came up over a lawn in front of me. The horse was attached to a milk delivery wagon, and in the mishap, the shaft on one side broke in two. I was already halfway to my house, but when my mother went to recover the trike, it was buried in the debris.

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That was about 35 years before this incident, and I was very much at ease with the horses we had. That makes me tell a very different tale only because it isn’t fair to my children not to.

Despite my fear of horses personally, I once consented to ride Tony. Tony was a very special horse; so gentle a baby could ride on his back. One summer evening I mounted Tony and took off for a ride across the fields. Maybe it’s because I was riding bare-back that the incident occurred, or maybe I was just overconfident. Whatever reason, it nonetheless happened. Just as I was settling back to enjoy the ride, I slipped under his belly. Afraid to let go, I hung on tightly, my arms around his neck and my body dragging on the ground as he suddenly went from a jog to a gallop.

He galloped all the way back to the barn with my body bumping on the ground, and the kids roaring with laughter. It was humiliating. It was devastating. And it was truly my last ride.

There’s one final story I share about Tony. It was on the night of our oldest daughter’s wedding that we received a shocking news. The nuptials had passed, the supper was over, and we were being entertained by speeches and remembrances.

Someone remembered an incident in which Tony was invited into the living room where he laid down, and the children sprawled on the floor against him while they watched TV. This happened more than once while Mom was in the hospital, and when she got out this practice continued for some time. Let me clarify this a bit. My wife, after her hospitalization required the car more than I did, so I relied on her driving me to work, and picking me up after. During the interval the children came home from school, let Tony in for a while and shortly before we arrived home, let him back outside.

One night, however, he bolted up the stairs to the second floor. The children cornered him in a bedroom, and while some of them moved furniture around, the rest of the children led him down the stairs, and just got him outside the house as we drove in. It was a nice night so we didn’t realize anything was awry…and of course, no one told us.

We left the wedding party that night thankful that no one, including Tony, was injured, and so glad we no longer had horses.

Rev. C.J.Barry Kentner

Barry was born in Toronto, Ontario in 1935 and schooled to Grade 10, but continued educational pursuits until age 65 when he graduated from Open Word Bible College. He started working for Spitzer and Mills advertising in 1952, then moved to the Broadcast arena where for 62 years he was News Director and Talk Show Host at several Canadian Radio Stations. He was one of 5 consultants who managed to lobby for Christian Radio in Canada, and in the last five years before retirement, he was News Director of Canadian Altar.Net News, a network of 25 Christian Radio Stations across Canada from Charlottetown PEI to Campbell River BC.
Barry Kentner is a semi-retired pastor.

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