Rare Bear: Five Important Things Occurred as Jesus Died on the Cross

By Rev. C.J. Barry Kentner

The first was the death of a lamb.

At twilight, the start of the ninth hour the First Passover lamb was slaughtered in the Temple.

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Jesus, at that time, was declining a sponge filled with sour wine, giving up the host, and dying.

Until that special moment, he had still been hosting the Last Supper.

There were four cups of wine at the Passover Feast…but only three cups were consumed before Jesus abruptly broke off the feast and headed to the Mount of Olives and the Garden.

The four cups recalled the four promises of God to Moses.

In Exodus 6;6-7, God promises to “bring you out”, “rescue you”, “redeem you” and “take you as my people.”

In the Jewish Faith, the fourth cup is not drinkable….it remains a promise of the fulfillment Of their Faith.

So, as the fourth cup was offered on a sponge,  Jesus refused it;  saying ” It is finished:”, meaning the Passover Meal, and His work is finished;

And then he died.

As he was dying; the Veil that shielded the Ark in the Temple was torn in two, and the Graves were opened.

The only reference to this is in Matthew.

Matthew 27, verse 51 says the earth quaked, the rocks split, and the graves were opened.

But the scriptures go on to say many bodies of the Saints who had fallen asleep were raised, but it was after He (Jesus) was resurrected that the dead roamed the streets.

They appeared to many in the Holy City, but not until after His resurrection.

A sign that the dead in Christ would rise.

And as the veil was torn away…a new way was opened to God.

Jesus, the man on the cross, had shed His blood as the last sacrifice; the one “true and sufficient” sacrifice, according to Hebrews 10:10, that allows all who believe in Him to enjoy forgiveness and enter into a relationship with God forever.

And as he died, the seamless garment that he wore was auctioned off.

Such an item was only worn by the High Priest at Passover Time.

In fact, the High Priest was not fit to serve without it.

And so Jesus served: not only as the Lamb of Sacrifice but also — as the High Priest who offers the Lamb of Sacrifice.


Before he made the world
God slew a lamb.
He slew it first
Before he made a man.
Before he hung the stars in space
Before he put the world in place
God slew a lamb
For Adam’s race.
And through the years
Of Sin and Man  
The world has asked
Where is that Lamb.
Oh yes, it’s there
The Truth you knew;
God is the Lamb
He slew for your.

Rev. C.J.  Barry Kentner


Jesus has my heart,
He guides me through each day…
Psalm 119 says
“He’s prepared a way”
Psalm 139 tells me
“Every day is planned…”
I just have to let him
Hold my hand.
Yes, Jesus guides me,
Guides me every day.
And he protects and keeps me
Safe along the way.


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