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Rare Bare: The Cricket

Originally published on February 25, 2019

By Rev. C.J. Barry Kentner

The Cricket

Some may say “A Cricket!
That will bring good luck.”
Well, I hear a cricket chirping
But I don’t believe in luck.
I try to live a “pre-planned” life
Prepared for me by Jesus.
Peaceful, and quiet,
Without a lot of fuss.
But the day I heard this chirping,
It’s clicking and its cluck
It set my nerves a – screaming
And a mood I could not chuck
It squeaked and chirped for hours,
In a place I could not find…
The sound was so annoying,
I almost lost my mind!
So, then I prayed, “Dear Lord,
I thank you for this noise…
I thank you for the high-pitched sounds
From this annoying creature’s voice.
I give you thanks, dear Lord, because
You tell me in your word,
That this is what I have to do
If I’ll fulfill your word.
So now that I’ve giv’n thanks dear Lord,
I pray that it’s your will
To shut this noisy creature up…
Please. Give it a quiet pill.

C.J. Barry Kentner

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From (Numbers 21: 4-9)

Genesis Chapter 3 introduces us to the personality and personage of Satan. He is named as a serpent; described in the opening verse as “…craftier than any of the wild animals the Lord God had made.” He entices Eve to pick fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and the intimate relationship God had with Mankind was instantly broken.

There is something about a snake that most people loathe…. they see one and cringe, or run away.

Well as the saga of mankind continues and goes forward, there comes a day when the Nation of Israel, freed from 400 years of slavery in Egypt, are making the arduous trip to the Promised Land of Canaan. God is leading them, and they are consistently complaining. In Numbers 21, God becomes exasperated with their stubbornness, complaints, and whining, and sends a plague of snake amongst them. Many Israelites died from a snake bite. Then God told Moses to put a bronze snake on a pole, and when people who were bitten looked at the image of the bronze snake they were healed.

Centuries later, Jesus is preaching and John’s Gospel carries the reference to this incident. Satan the serpent loves to entice us, and present sinful opportunities that are very tempting. Like the ripe fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, why shouldn’t we accept? Why? Because at the moment that we do…. we separate ourselves from God. That sin instantly shuts us off from His Love and Protection. We remain deprived of His benefits until we confess that sin and make it right.

So, Jesus reminds his listeners—and us as readers: John 3:14. Just as Moses lifted up the snake in the desert, so the Son of Man must be lifted up that everyone who believes in Him may have Eternal Life.”

In John Chapter 12, we find Jesus confirming that promise. Verse 32 he is quoted as saying, “But I when I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men to myself.”

He was lifted up from the earth on a cross, where He died and shed His Healing Blood for our salvation and healing. For the cleansing and washing away of the sin that Satan lays before us to deprive us of God’s fellowship.

Don’t let Satan’s bite pull you away from God.


As I wash my hands and face,
I think of God’s “Amazing Grace”
And, when I’m standing in my shower
I thank Him for His mighty power.
For if His Armour I would wear,
I daily put it on with prayer
The “Belt of Truth” around my waist…
I dare not buckle it in haste.
There must be time to cleanse my heart
Before I place that vital part—
The “Breastplate” of His Righteousness.
And then, a prayer for readiness
To stand firm in what I believe,
On feet shod with His Glorious Peace!
Then, the “Shield of Faith” I raise
With Scripture verse or song of praise.
I ask for Angels of protection, And
A favorite verse I mention.
Scriptures learned through memorization
Form my “Helmet of Salvation”’
Prayer and faithful Scripture reading
Make the “Spirit’s Sword” appealing.
Thusly clad I face the world
My banner of Victory unfurled.

Rev.C.J.Barry Kentner-10/95


Barry was born in Toronto, Ontario in 1935 and schooled to Grade 10, but continued educational pursuits until age 65 when he graduated from Open Word Bible College. He started working for Spitzer and Mills advertising in 1952, then moved to the Broadcast arena where for 62 years he was News Director and Talk Show Host at several Canadian Radio Stations. He was one of 5 consultants who managed to lobby for Christian Radio in Canada, and in the last five years before retirement, he was News Director of Canadian Altar.Net News, a network of 25 Christian Radio Stations across Canada from Charlottetown PEI to Campbell River BC.
Barry Kentner is a semi-retired pastor.

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