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Pro-Choice or Pro-Abortion?

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I love how the pro-choice left actually believes it is about women’s rights. It never has been and never will be. That is what the elitists call it to justify it to their supporters. Its purpose has always been population control and when you read the actual writings of Margaret Sanger, who the left worships, you will quickly realize which portions of the population were to be eradicated, blacks and immigrants, who she calls human weeds, the two groups the left claims to love so much.

I love how the pro-choice left pretends to know or even care about how science defines life. They can also stop pretending that they do not believe a fetus is ever a life. They just think they are special and can have it both ways.

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When the pregnancy is wanted, those pro-choicers are excited about that “beautiful life” growing inside them. Yet when the pregnancy is unwanted, all of a sudden that beautiful life turns into a disgusting thing they have no problem stabbing in the skull with a pair of scissors, covering the fetus’ mouth, so they do not have to listen to it scream, cutting off its limbs, then throwing it into a dumpster like a piece of trash.

So which is it? You cannot have it both ways. Either it is a life or it isn’t. You cannot call it a life when you want it and then call it a clump of cells when you do not. Plus the sheer hypocrisy of you people. Humans are part of the animal kingdom. The left considers unborn fetuses by all other animals life and even petition the government to protect all those unborn animal fetuses. But a human fetus? Nope, it is just a piece of scum.

Stop pretending you know or care about the scientific definition of when life begins. Your one dimensional and narrow-minded definition is defined by whether or not that new baby is going to interfere with your life at your selfish inconvenience.

Allowing abortion up to birth derails the whole argument about it not being life. The fetus can now breathe on its own, its heart beats on its own, it has full brain function; that is why the woman goes into labor and the baby is ready to be born because by this time it no longer needs to be in the mother’s womb to have the full functions every other life form has. Plus the same leftists fight to protect illegal immigrant children from harm, yet have no desire to protect American children from harm. The same left who screams “protect the innocent” as their basis for all their political and social decisions completely disregard the innocent in the womb.

What about botched abortions and the mother deciding right at birth she does not want that baby? They happen more often than you think. You can no longer use the “my body, my choice” argument anymore because the baby is no longer inside the mother’s womb. Yet if the mother makes this choice, and the baby is already born guess what happens? The doctor takes the baby, locks it in a dark room without any food or water, and waits until it dies of exposure. But the left will insist that is just and humane.

The abortion industry, progressive feminists, the socialist Democrat Party, and the supporters of eugenics are not pro-choice at all. They are pro-abortion. Most leftists do not seem to understand that distinction. They do not want the woman to choose motherhood. They want her to choose abortion and will go as far as to lie to her, intimate and bully her into having that abortion. How is bullying a woman into having an abortion any less wrong than bullying her into keeping her baby? Explain to me how that is pro-choice? Explain to me how that is considered women’s rights? Again, population control, which it’s primary objective is the fewer people there are, the easier they are to control. Besides, pro-choice and women’s rights get thrown under the bus the split-second a woman chooses to disagree with the regressive left agenda.

The same people who say no one has a right to tell a woman what to do with her body concerning abortion are the same hypocrites who think the government has every right to decide everything else she cannot do with her body. The same people who say no one has a right to tell a woman what to do with her body concerning abortion are the same hypocrites who think a woman has no right to decide for herself how to defend that same body. Choose to have an abortion? Yes! Choose to defend her body with a gun? Nope, she should just lie there in a fetal position and pray she does not get raped or killed because the life of the person trying to violate her is more important than her taking that life to defend her own. Yet the left calls this women’s rights?

The same left that supports abortion is opposed to the death penalty. They say murderers, rapists, pedophiles, and terrorists all have a right to life. They destroy families, lives, and most of these lives are female. The people who violate women have a right to life, but an unborn fetus who has done nothing wrong whatsoever, other than being inconvenient to their mother has no rights at all? Murderers, rapists, pedophiles, and terrorists have a right to life, but being an inconvenience is a death sentence? Does the left actually see this as logical?

Plus the leftist narrow-minded view of “a woman’s choice” only applies to abortion and choosing your own gender, but completely disregards women’s choices for everything else, choices that only your beloved big government can make for them. Explain to me again how that is women’s rights?

While we are on the subject of choosing a gender, the argument that I have no say on abortion because I am a man is completely contradicted by the identity politics and transgender narrative of the left. According to that narrative, I can choose my gender at any time, which means I can choose to be a woman and argue my opinion on abortion.

Also, the argument that I have no say on abortion because I do not have a vagina and womb is also completely contradicted by the same narrative. According to that narrative, reproductive organs do not define gender. So this logic says I can argue my opinion on abortion because what is between my legs is irrelevant.

Once again it is just the left thinking they are special and can have it both ways, or in this case three ways. First, they claim biological gender is meaningless, though science which the left claims to cherish says otherwise. If biological gender is meaningless, then why is the left so angered when a man weighs in on abortion? In the same breath, they claim there are 56 or more genders, again though science which the left claims to cherish says otherwise. Again in the same breath, when the debate turns to abortion, now all of a sudden there are only two genders again and one gender has no say whatsoever.

Pro-choice and each gender’s right to debate it has nothing to do with choice, or what is right or wrong. It is all about what I said earlier about the selfish inconvenience. I love being told I have no say on abortion because I am a man by other men who magically do have a say because they are leftists. The same pro-choicers who scream men have no say on abortion and have no right to make it illegal are the same hypocrites who have no problem whatsoever with those same men legalizing it.

It has nothing to do with choice. Agree with the leftist pro-choice stance or you have no say, and you will be silenced if you try.

Patrick Knowles II
Political Commentator

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Patrick Knowles II

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