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Why President Trump is good for America

By Contributing Writer, Carol Seaver

Americans are benefiting in many areas because of President Trump and his policies.  This is true for us living here in the Blue Water Area also.  How?  Well, with fewer regulations and the new corporate tax rate dropping from 35% to 21%, companies like Boeing and Comcast have set aside billions of dollars in company investments, and AT&T gave $1000 bonuses to 200,000 employees.  Nation-wide, at least two million employees will receive special bonuses.   Fifth Third Bank, which has many local and Michigan branches, is also giving $1000 each to 13,000 employees.

A booming economy and American manufacturing also mean increased demand for the transportation industry.  To top it off, Fiat Chrysler just moved their headquarters from Mexico to the US.

Michael Knowles of the “Daily Wire,” pointed out that consumer confidence is at its highest level in 17 years.  Over one million jobs were created in 2017 alone.  The post-election stock market rally is the second highest since the Kennedy Administration.   Black unemployment is at its lowest ever.  And the Hispanic unemployment rate dropped a full point last year and is close to its lowest in recorded history.  Now this IS good news!

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According to the Mackinac Center, 2017 was good for Michigan too, as the state economy continues to expand.  The first nine months of 2017 saw per capita personal income in Michigan increased by 2.4% over previous years.  This is higher than the 2.1% national average and 12th-highest among the states.  GDP growth was 4% and hasn’t been this high since Bill Clinton.   Average GDP growth under Obama was less than 1.5%.

And that’s not all.  In the housing market, the latest report says Michigan’s year-to-date home prices increased 12th-most among states over the year!

Michigan’s population finally saw an increase from mid-year 2016-2017, a welcome improvement after being the only state to lose population from 2000-2010!  Looks like Michigan has finally recovered from a decade of awful economic performance.

Hopefully, we can be more of a voice for the voiceless because President Trump repealed the Obama mandate that forced states to fund Planned Parenthood, and he reinstated the Mexico City Policy that protects U.S. taxpayers from having to fund abortions overseas against their wishes.

Another positive step was President Trump’s Supreme Court appointment of conservative Neil Gorsuch, who is also a constitutionalist in the tradition of Justice Scalia.

Concerning immigration, according to Charles Payne of Fox News, President Trump has added more agents to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  And he moved to end Obama’s executive order regarding sanctuary cities by directing the Justice Department to defund them.  As a result, illegal immigration rates across our southern border have dropped to a 45-year low.

In the area of foreign policy, instead of plunging us into nuclear war, Trump wrangled trade concessions and collaborations out of China regarding North Korea.  He oversaw the return of American high school student Otto Warmbier from North Korea.  And, after years of Obama-era red tape, the President approved the Keystone and Dakota Access Pipelines which will benefit U.S. employment.

Regarding the environment, according to Scott Pruitt of the EPA, 52 burdensome regulations have been overturned.  While a net 13,000 new federal regulations have been added annually for the past 20 years, under President Trump the number of net new regulations sits around zero.  Trump also discarded Obama’s disastrous so-called Clean Power Plan which would have resulted in higher energy prices, fewer jobs, and less growth; disproportionally hurt poor families; and offered virtually no environmental benefit.

Most importantly, President Trump has cracked the credibility that Democrat “journalists” once enjoyed and “sophisticated Republicans” indulged.  We’ve gained the protection of our First and Second amendments, less government, a thriving economy, and more freedom here and abroad.   All of this is evidence that President Trump is making good on his campaign promise to “Make America Great Again.”


Carol graduated from Western Michigan University with a Bachelor of Arts and Wayne State University with a master’s degree– both in elementary education– with an emphasis on birth to eight years. She is a wife, mom, grandmother, and retired teacher. She has lived in St. Clair County for decades, but hails from Portage where she left part of her heart. As a Christian, she works for God and country, trying to educate the uninformed and set the captives free. She has a keen eye for what ails the culture and when she realized the downward spiral we were on, was called to fight for her country in 2009, using political activism from a Christian worldview. She is grateful for this platform from which to speak.

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