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Post 2018 Mid-term Blues

By Tim Parker

As one who loves the design, ideals, and foundations of our Constitutional Republic, I’ve had a bad case of Post-Mid-term Blues! Ever heard of it? I don’t think I’m contagious but I’m not sure! Others have similar symptoms and I’d like to not catch this again! Does a cure exist? Can we find healing? If you can bear it, let’s talk about this.

I still can’t believe what happened! It’d be easy to conclude my efforts to get last-minute Republican votes didn’t work. Maybe I failed! Did other unknown factors play into the outcome? What’s the teachable-takeaway?

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I felt the Trump-Train was powerful enough that no contrary position could win through legal support. Misguided boldness? Was the Blue Wave that strong or did other factors sway the vote? Bluntly, did non-patriotic, anti-Constitutionalism overpower Rule-of-Law patriots who believe in Free Market Capitalism? Don’t think so! Did ballot-fixing rule the day? If this occurred, can we trust future efforts to prevent this? To ease the pain, I offer some uncommon thoughts to common dilemmas toward healthy discussion and a positive way forward.

From my primary Christian/Republican/Constitutional perspective, I ask: Can people think again about status-quo facts buried in forgotten mental graves? Can Free Market Capitalism win against Democratic Socialism? If we claim to believe in Representative Rule-Of-Law Constitutionalism, we can’t embrace un-Constitutional measures without destroying our nation. Is this thinking restricted to those, like me, trapped in a back-40 mentality? A Republican/Democratic smokescreen can keep us from a more important freedom/bondage continuum. Is it nationally fair if valid Republican votes are shredded and replaced with invalid or bogus ones? Like students who think they control the classroom, immature ones should not be allowed to rule the day. With an ideal versus real divide – which one wins, and why? Can we honestly converse about design versus desire without letting emotion skew the picture? Since many are unaware of viable alternative news sources, join me for some contemplation.

Many today want to scrap Free Market Capitalism for what is called Democratic Socialism. Apparently, many voted for this tragic “dream.” They claim this version of socialism can work. All others fail – except in the mind’s desire – yet supposedly this will work? At root, Socialism is a bankrupt, bankrupting idea that sucks the wealth, righteousness, and statesmanship from a culture or society. A failed model can’t work for America!

Some say, “The Bible has a good model!” Many see Post-Pentecost Jerusalem in Acts 2:42-and-beyond as a successful vision of a socialistic experiment to alleviate conundrums of mass immigration by having all things in common for the collective good. Sound familiar? I never advocate for a non-merciful approach (without Mercy Ministries) but productive-working-to-advance-individuals-and-family works better. Yes, the Church should act like a unified family but “unity” at the expense of Truth, protections, and sanity is not success.

Some think, “If it’s in the Bible, their effort must be good thing.” I say, “Think again!” Success, by God’s focus came with the promised New Covenant and Spirit-giving to compliment New Birth in big numbers! Obeying Christ’s command to “Go, preach the Gospel, and make disciples!” yielded to pragmatic success. Oops! Like Socialists, they euphorically hunkered down and didn’t maintain integrity for ethnic people or widows! Socialistic “giving” never keeps society functioning in a healthy manner. I think God blew up their failed social experiment in 70 A.D. with Jerusalem’s destruction; and they were scattered! To get the church involved in the Social Gospel or Liberation theology does not make disciples or advance a God-ward society! Think about that!

I hate Judicial-activism! The intentional practice of the past 70 years usurped and distorted the balance of power within our three-pronged National leadership. When Judges/Justices find a law unconstitutional, they should pass judgment; then return it so Congress will constitutionally rewrite the law. Having Judges/Justices make law should never occur! When Executive or Legislative branches allow Judicial-usurpation, all three offices abdicate their duty and should be accountable. Mostly this correction occurs at polls but fair elections are required.

In the Church I’ve heard, “We can’t legislate behavior!” Why not? God did! Sadly, many don’t even obey His “Big Ten” Laws. Changing law to create ungodly behavior seems the choice-alternative for the Left. Some think if we change the law, our guilt and conscience won’t bother us. How’s that work? Proverbs 6 has much to say about wrong-minded thinking and doing; check it out. Patriots clamor for laws (hoping for law-obedience) but politicians find it easy to usurp Founding-intentions to make anti-God, un-Constitutional laws. As Legislators and Executives use Judges/Justices to change the law, some wipe their hands and say, “Personally I don’t like that, but we can’t do anything!” Right! This is the political-two-step-of-inaction – with devastating results! Politicians shirk their duty as confidence is destroyed in the working of our Republic. Remember, it’s “We the people!” Put the pressure on.

For 34+ years, from 1982 through 2016, a law allowed Democrats to cheat elections by ballot-fixing. Did you know this? It’s true! Maybe it’s become a bad habit but they seem to have no conscience! I’ve not heard one Democrat say, “That’s totally not right and should never occur!” Why the silence? Since when does our Constitution protect criminal, invalid, or treasonous activity? How can some mock honesty and not care about integrity at the polls? Proverbs 10:17b says, “He who lacks reproof leads others astray.” Broward County, Florida election-issues might be the tip of the ballot-fixing-iceberg! Check out The Bill Still Report #2440 on ballot-fixing – Why the GOP Couldn’t Stop Dems Voter Fraud. Known issues existed in Georgia, Florida, Texas, N. Carolina, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. What if voter fraud exists in every state? If we could stop it, could we relax? It’s no wonder many feel “We’ve been deceived for too long” or “It happened again! Now what?” From Headlines with a Voice, watch: Voter Fraud Played into POTUS’ hand. It’s a positive spin but vigilance must be maintained!

How can we tell people, “Every vote counts!” when their vote might be shredded and replaced by illegal, bogus-manufactured ballots? How long can Republicans give huge effort, emotion and money to elect worthy candidates – only to get defeated by cheating? How can some not become apathetic or give up to being swindled? Does Justice hold for both sides? Is Justice blind or does she peek? Will corrections be instituted? Our Secretary of State purged 600,000+ dead, moved, and illegal votes from Michigan’s roles but if those are replaced by fraudulent ballots, what did we gain? Who checked on that? Even some who reject God and His Kingdom seek justice. The Bible says everything will come to light before God’s Judgment Seat; Justice will be perfectly meted out someday! Yet we have the right to expect godly Justice/judgment now! When we pray, “Thy Kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven,” we want Justice and God’s Rule to come to our communities, nation, and world. Watch Dan Bongino in: Everything you need to know about the plan by Justinformed Talk. His exposure is worth pondering deeply.

My favorite alternative-news source is Dave Janda – a retired surgeon and politically-connected patriot. Janda is like a modern Paul Revere. In the Reagan administration he worked to develop money-saving medical measures. He saw firsthand how politics steamroll great ideas at the behest of big Pharma and other special interests. His Operation Freedom program exposes the left/right or Republican/Democrat axis that hides avoidance of the up/down or freedom/bondage axis we should focus upon. Politicians keep smoke signals goings; then ask to return to Washington D.C. to fill their pockets with dirty Deep-State money at our expense. Janda produces well-informed YouTube videos; check Dave Janda: 3 Phases of Globalist Voter Fraud vs Trump & 2020. Great alternative news sources do exist! Add him to your list. Remember, Statesmen fix necessary issues!

Last year, because of 2016 illegal, tainted-shenanigans, social media giants testified before Congress, but where did it lead? So far: more-blatant censorship without conservative recourse. This suppression should not be! Severe voter suppression occurred before and during the Midterms. Hundreds of Patriots were scrubbed from Tech giants like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google, etc. They were demonetized. Their crime? Their message was deemed wrong (contrary political view, issue-exposure, or free speech) but by what or whose criteria? Many were denied earned money. Advertising, search-and-seek engines, and political-emphasis were distorted. The final results were influenced by more than legal votes! Need an example? One is The Mike Huckabee Show 2018: Triple Amputee Veteran Brian Kolfage Fights Against. Facebook said his message was squelched because midterms were coming and his message was the wrong one! Really! After losing both legs and an arm, they accused this patriot of working with the Russians! Smear job! One site only sold coffee, with proceeds going to wounded veterans. They shut it down! Please watch; you might be shocked into getting more-involved to demand change.

In our government I’d like to say crookedness and evil plotting don’t exist but in alphabet agencies like the CIA, DOJ, and FBI, corruption exists. How many Deep State operatives exist? We may never know but one is too many. Like a town crier, Lisa Havens exposes scary stuff and teaches about overcoming evil intentions – listening might save your life. Regarding censorship, watch: I don’t know what’s about to happen – but Americans are in. Patriots must get involved beyond their backyards to stop evil programs and unconstitutional realities like illegal voting and other wicked things. California wildfires may not be natural as reported but rather Deep State burns to usurp land-sections for evil motives. Really! Would you want to know who’s behind this theft-plan? Watch Havens: Alert! It’s all planned! Proof the UN is involved in. Check out what burdens her heart; beware, you might catch her virus. Maybe it’s like mine? After being educated, find a way to fight back where it counts.

I’m saddened by how many make light of times President Trump escaped assassination. Are you aware of by whom? If only one side talks, they are required to resist, maybe kill, a duly-elected Nationalist non-politician Patriot-American President. This fits their agenda but has nothing to do with Constitutionality as they want people to believe. Trump got involved to the point of being elected President. His crime is thinking he can actually make significant changes! He’s done this but wants to do much more! He needs support and prayer. Assassination attempts occur because he supports our Constitution, Rule of Law, and Justice. Think about it! Find out why so many resist his efforts. Watch a YouTube video: Serialbrain2 – 3 times the Deep State tried to assassinate Trump. Great history nuggets too! Many similar sites exist; most are intended to wake us up to brutal details.

Winding down, what’s the difference between ultimate design and human desire? God designed man for holiness – the thrust and reality of Christ’s Transforming Gospel – so seeking God’s design is right and healthy. There’s no practical difference between keeping His Moral Laws versus being a good citizen. Those who imagine that pursuing sinful human desire is the essence of freedom tout a twisted idea of Free Will. They think, “I can do what I want.” Freedom is really the power to do what God designed and commands to glorify Gospel Grace. Seek to live His heavenly reality every day and bring His Truth to others. Remember, America was designed to pursue God’s design with the best humanly-created Government other than a God-Governed Theocracy that Jews rejected. Is it perfect? No! By His Grace and Gospel, we can live the best of both worlds! Loosely, following His design is Constitutional living! That’s the ideal-real! In view of how we live practical politics in our Constitutional-Republic society, seek and demand better. Protect our Constitutional Republic to keep it godly, desirable and free!

I can’t tell you what to think, believe, or watch but I suggest different venues with uncommon thoughts. I can’t keep people from cheating or gleefully violating our Constitutional Republic but I strive to get people to think about God’s design within godly living. Learn, and then do something to help our great system work as designed! For me, recovery from Midterm Blues will come with honest fair elections. Toward better health!


Tim Parker pursues being a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ on many fronts. He did jail ministry under Tom
Seppo of Operation Transformation. He helps Arnie Koontz at Blue Water Area Rescue Mission. A priority
is the universal and local church of Christ. He worked 37 years for Chrysler, finishing an apprenticeship
and attending Henry Ford Community College. His bachelor degree is from Spring Arbor University; he
attended Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville for an MDIV, pastored Smiths Creek Bible
Church, and received a Doctorate in Theology from Global School of Theology. With deep appreciation
for Christ’s Grace that manifests in New Birth and subsequent holiness, his 3-in-1 book – Finding God’s
Will in the Redeemed View of Life: Toward a reformed definition of Grace is a more-complete bio than
one finds here. This is Tim’s ninth year as a substitute teacher in St. Clair and Macomb County. As a
precinct delegate in Columbus Township, he keeps his pulse on political issues toward the protection and
advancement of our Constitutional Republic within a healthy Christian Worldview. As a disciple who loves
God’s Revealed, Written, and Canonized Word toward Christ-reflection, he loves to write, teach, and
preach. Tim and his wife, Elizabeth, have a blended family: Tim has four children, Liz has three, and they
have one son together. Eight, two daughters with six sons, makes a full quiver, from age 44 to 16, with 9
grandchildren. My hope is that BWHL articles will encourage learning and ongoing discussion.

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